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Her Reluctant Bodyguard by Jennette Green

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This is an intense and suspenseful story gripping you right from the beginning. Alexa is a new author and has just published a best seller based off her childhood friendship with a legendary chef, Pricilla Blake The book is an autobiography which rockets her to instant fame. She comes into contact with one of her idols on the set of the Today show, both there for a taping of interviews. As she is …gawking, one of his body guards waives her off. He is a small man but very intense. She is star struck and when she runs into the very man she adores, famous pop star Colin Radcliffe, her nervousness causes her to babble. Her fist comment is about how tall he is and he asks her if she has a problem with tall men. In her babbling she comments that she likes tall men better then short men, as they remind her of munchkins. As she tries to control her mouth, she notices the body guard from earlier, and is horrified at the thought that he might have overheard her comments.

Colin has been pushed by his agent to have his autobiography written and he has decided to have her be the writer. Because he is leaving on a tour of Europe he needs her to travel with him in order to facilitate the research. Initially she is unprepared and blurts that she is a Christian woman and that there would be no fringe benefits. Instead of being angered he is amused and assures her that he will be on his best behavior. His bodyguard, who has now been introduced to her as Jamison is not so amused. He shows a cold dislike and keeps a sharp eye on her.

Within a few days of reaching their destination, Alexa finds that the time she will have with Colin for research, will be brief. His time is not his own, and he assures her that his secretary Eve will be able to fill her in on much of her questions. Eve however appears to also have a problem with her, and while Colin is around is kind and helpful, she becomes angry and spiteful when they are alone together.

Within a few days of reaching England she receives her first death threat, warning her to leave and to stay away from Colin. This is usual business for a famous Rock star, but he is very concerned and assigns her a body guard, one of his own. To her dismay, it is Jamison the very body guard that treats her so coldly.

As the intensity of the threats and the attempts on her life began to become real, she has to learn to rely on a man that she does not like. He is blunt and opinionated and treats her as though she were a fool. She is just contrary enough to push his buttons and the sparks fly from the very beginning.

Alexa is a beautiful young woman, just reaching her potential but with a deeply damaged psyche. She does not trust easily and has only been in love once in her life, it ended very badly. She knows that God has a plan, but she too has a plan. A list of what she is looking for in the perfect man. Colin fits her list to a tee. His only drawback is that he is not a Christian. But he is kind and handsome, and she may be willing to overlook this shortcoming. On the other hand Jamison is just the opposite of everything she is looking for; he is short and brooding, opinionated and rude. He is a Christian and while they are thrown together for her safety, she begins to form a sort of bond and trust of him. She still finds him very annoying and continues to challenge him at every opportunity. He has rescued her on several occasions and she now trusts him with her very life.

Colin is a man who is used to getting whatever he wants. And he wants Alexa. He is used to women throwing themselves at his feet and he is not used to having to fight for what he wants. He wants to settle down and find just that one woman, and he thinks that Alexa fit’s the bill. He is a very nice man, but has been spoiled a little by his fame. He is searching, but Alexa is starting to seem to slip away.

Jamison is a man on a mission. He is the bodyguard of a famous Rock star and he has just been put in charge of guarding a woman he considers a prima dona. He is still hurt from overhearing her comments about small men, so has a pretty low opinion of him. He finds her extremely attractive but fights that attraction with a vengeance. They continually squabble and argue, each trying to out do the other. The ever present danger draws them together and as spend time together he finds that she is not women he thought she was. His heart is taking a dangerous turn. Even if they find the suspects that are trying at all costs to kill Alexa, he knows her heart is with Colin. He is stubborn and proud and will not bend.

This is a great story; the characters are bold and bright, well developed and likable. While Alexa feels that Colin is perfect for her, it is just an infatuation of a woman for her idol. Her feelings for him are absolute milk toast compared to her dealings with Jamison. At every turn, you can feel the passion smoldering, and through many misunderstandings and hurt feelings you hope that at some point they will realize they are meant for each other. The danger is intense and well written and the attraction between the two is aflame.

The author has built a suspenseful story, full of surprises. As the dangers keeps on unfolding you learn to love each of the characters, their flaws as well as their courage. Why is Alexa being targeted, and will Jamison and Colin find the answers before it is too late? The game is afoot, as they say, but love conquers all.

Rating 4/5
Her Reluctant Bodyguard

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