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Pele's Tears by Sharon K. Garner

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Sharon K. Garner has given us a beautiful island in which she sets a wonderful love story. The characters are involved in a treasure hunt that has been ongoing since their youth. Now someone else is on the track of the treasure and it seems they will stop at nothing to find it first. Full of family, fun, and feelings, you can get a wonderful feel for Hawaii and smell the perfume of the islands throughout the book. Garner does an amazing job of world building.

Noelani (Lani) Beecham grew up, immersed with the Kohoa family since she was quite young. As a child both Dante and Dom were like brothers to her and they did everything together. Exploring and discovering new places, they were constantly on the move in some of the most beautiful areas of the world. The legend of Pele’s tears only gave every search a special glow, an opportunity to find a treasure, the rarest of the rare. Best of all was Dante’s grandmother Rosemary; she was a believer of the treasure and never stopped looking during her lifetime. After the death of Dom in an accident during one of their searches, much of the dazzle and delight went out of the quest. No longer willing to take the risks, all further searches were called off.

Fast forward to years later, after Rosemary has passed away, Lani finds she is now a joint owner of the family flower farm in Kauai. Needing her help to keep the farm from failing, Dante has trailed her to the states to convince her of her destiny. When Dante shows up at her home in the states to whisk her back to Hawaii, she finds that they have both been receiving warning notes. They make mention about the search for Pele’s tears. They suggest dire consequences although they are somewhat ambiguous in nature. She also finds that Dante was injured recently, shortly after receiving one of these letters.

What she did not, or chose not to remember is how she felt about Dante, the man. Just the proximity brings heat and even with a potential boyfriend already present when Dante shows up, she has no control. Luckily, Aiden understands, while hoping to be more, he instantly senses that the choice has never been there and that Lani may have never really been emotionally available.

Back in Lehua, Lani finds clues from Rosemary. It seems she had never given up the search and according to her journal, she had actually found the treasure. However, she could only leave clues due to the danger involved if others found her journal. It was up to Lani and Dante to find those clues in order to solve the mystery as well as find the jewels of legend.

The heat is remarkable, not only is there sexual tension, but there is a strong bond of friendship that carries over as well. Each look and touch only further helps them to understand the love that is buried deep inside. Each step of the way they fight the growing attraction, until it becomes impossible to ignore.

Garner has written a story both clever and sensual. Her descriptions of Hawaii are so in-depth you can feel the breeze and smell the scent of flowers. It makes you long to be there. She riddles the story with Hawaiian phrases and endearments creating a wonderful and exciting journey. You feel as though you are a part of the story. This is the perfect summer reading experience; one that takes you right into the heart of beautiful Hawaii.

Rating 4/5
Available 8/10/2011
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This book was received as an ARC from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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TheBookGirl said...

Hawaii is one place I have always wanted to go and will probably never see as I am a terrible flier...sounds like I could visit by reading this book :)