Sunday, August 28, 2011

Notes from An Alien: A Message for Earth by Sena Quaren and Alexander M. Zoltai

Finding a way to make history palatable and taking a new and interesting perspective on life as we know it, Notes from An Alien by Sena Quaren and Alexander M. Zoltai takes you on a wild ride. Beginning with what this history classifies as the 500-year InterWorld War, it then moves on to ecological disasters of epic proportions that destroy more than is imaginable. The history moves further to the decimation of the population, and then on to the formation of a World Government dedicated to world peace.

Through it all, we follow the lives of an interesting family beginning with Velu, the daughter of Rednaxela. Rednaxela is the leader of the first expedition to another world. He along with his AI companion Morna do what they can to keep much of their thoughts private from the Corporate Mesh as they transport the settlers to their new home. One of the settlers in particular is in demand by the Anlans. His name is Akla and they know him as a profit. Upon reaching planet-side, Rednaxela disappears along with his Al and the religious prisoner Akla. The area they disappear to is known as the Unholy lands. Velu and her stepfather are conscripted to help search, and find the man that is her biological father.

The initial ship boasted 95,000 settlers headed to Anla. Prisoners and convicts were the main characters just as we have used as settlers in many places on Earth in earlier times in history. Written as told by a descendant of Velu, Sena tells her story through Zoltai, were we learn of the deaths and struggles as the World Government comes into being, and each successive wave of civilization and history unfold. We follow the decedents of Velu as they work through the different phases of government including the disasters that preface them.

I enjoyed the premise of the book and the characters were admirable, although I felt as though we moved through the times at a break neck speed. The very alien types of existence and characters where will written and quite imaginative. To read this as a possible verification of alien existence in our world puts a different spin on the possible reasoning for the very detailed description of the search and evolution of a lasting peace.

Each successive group of characters had abilities that exceeded those before them and the detail and dialogue that went into the telling made them seem like friends and colleagues. It was heartbreaking as time flew by and their deaths left an indelible impression each time.

This is a heady and interesting read, and if you enjoy alien life, science fiction and history written very like that detailed in a scholastic session, you will enjoy this work. It is thought provoking and makes you search your own thoughts on the very realistic types of damage and decimation that precede the final peace. Is it possible to have a similar outcome? That is just one of the questions I had as I finished my reading.

This is a short read and yet an in-depth history, full of stops and starts. Do not let the size of the story sidetrack you, it tells and reads as a book twice its size. Sometimes large things come in small packages. The read is not always smooth and the information is sometimes difficult to digest, but the direction it heads offers the look at a peace we all dream about.

Rating 4/5
Notes from An Alien

This book was received as a free download from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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