Monday, December 19, 2011

The Directionless Son of Brain by Saurabh Sharma

Life deals with morals and conscience, the directions we take often lead us further than we plan, yet each element that occurs to change that direction also has a place in the decisons made in life. Crossroads are placed for a purpose, taking a chance can lead you to your hearts desire.

In The Directionless Son of Brain by Saurabh Sharma, we travel through the land of thoughts and morals. We follow the journey of Mind, the Son of Brain as he takes a trip to find some direction in his life. With the advice of Wisdom and the encouragement of Consciousness, Mind is ready and has agreed to keep a journal of his travels. Not sure where to start he begins his journey just as direcionless as his life. When he finds a place with a man at the gate, he asks where he is. Finding himself at the City of Orphans, he determines he would like to stay awhile. But that is impossible without the approval of Mr. Hunger and Miss Poverty. He sets about getting their aproval, and once Misfortune allows him in he is welcomed by the children. His time is short so he must learn all he can to find his direction.

As he moves through the process of time and place he finds those that can create crossroads, where he must make his choices in life. The different people he meets all are a part of the facninting journey he makes to give him his direction in life. He meets Religion, Logic and Practicality to name a few. Will this journey help him to find the direction he so badly needs?

I found the story to be both fun and interesting, taking the life of a young man on a journey to find himself. Using all those parts that create the whole of an individual was very perceptive, and the lessons learned were quite exceptional.

Written like a fable and set with morals and direction, I enjoyed the story immensly. The grammer could use a bit of help but the the story and its progress was fun. The ending of the story was engenious with the reading of the journal, it was both thought provoking and unique.

Rating 4/5

This book was received as a free download from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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