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October Girls:Book I Crystal & Bone by L.C. Glazebrook

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As a youth I often wondered at my parents decisions. Did they make the right choices, were they the only ones available, or did they even think about it. I would not have questioned them but that was a different age then the one we live in today.

As a teenager Crystal Aldridge is full of questions. In October Girls: Book I Crystal & Bone by L.C. Glazebrook, we follow the strange and bizarre, and get a peep into the life and decisions that put Crystal in the situation she finds herself. Her family has a responsibility that has been handed down through the ages. They are the guardians of the gate into another realm. Her best friend is killed in an accident and is now a ghost. Bone (Bonnie) is still her best friend though, and Crystal can see the doorway into these other realms. The doorways are becoming more active, yet Crystal does not want her mother to know what she is up to. There are some scary things in those doorways, and Crystal understands there is a good chance that what is behind them is even worse.

Chrystal’s family comes from a long line of witches and it is their responsibility to keep evil at bay. Her mom has been trying to teach her the ropes, but Crystal is your average teen. She does not want the added responsibility. Besides her mom had to dedicate her life, and give up any thoughts of leisure. She lives in a trailer park and lives the life of the trailer trash brigade. Crystal is not sure where to turn, she has not even told her mom about her recent new friendship with Bone. Her mother would lecture her; you do not become friends with the dead.

Crystal’s boyfriend is stable, not real exciting but someone she knows she can rely on. However, now she is being tempted by some strangely charismatic young men that work at turning her head. Will they be able to woo her from her destiny? One of the men is a producer of B-grade movies, he is looking to make his mark in her town. The other seems to be an actor, but he is from beyond her realm. Can she stop this strange and uncanny duo before they do further damage to her world? She will need her mothers’ help, but is it already too late?

Glazebrook has written some exceedingly fun characters from our teenage years. I can picture many of the faces superimposed over those I went to high school with. The description and attitudes ring a bell and make the story both fun and frivolous. Yet the danger encountered is creepy, as is the realm on the other side. Ms. Glazebrooks worlds are both interesting and dangerous. The antics of her characters keep it fun, and the hormones of the teenage girls keep you guessing.

If you are looking for a young adult read, one that will entertain and hold attention, this will fill the bill. It is fun and a bit spooky, with both humor and danger. The author builds tension and a typical interaction between a teen girl and her mother, and then ends with a satisfying conclusion.

Rating 4/5

This book was received as a free copy from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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