Friday, July 12, 2013

Frozen: Heart of Dread, Book I by Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston

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Las Vegas has always been a Mecca to draw those who look for the high life, and enjoy the bling and lights of the city. What if Las Vegas became New Vegas, a city covered in crystals of snow and ice instead of the usual glitter.  In Book one of Frozen: Heart of Dread by Melissa De Las Cruz, New Vegas is the new frontier, the major city left after destruction of the world.  A city that plays 24 hours a day, it still draws the crowds looking for a stake.
Stories of sorcery and the rumors of a paradise called the Blue abound, drawing those who are looking for something different. Natasha Kestal, a blackjack dealer, with no evidence of a past is one of those seeking to find this land of sunshine, or ready to die in the process. If anyone one finds her secret she knows she will not survive. She carries a voice of death and destruction in her mind, urging her to pursue the rumors of this magical city.
She must find a way to leave the city, and has unearthed the name of one who may help. As with all mercenaries, there is a chance this Ryan Wesson will take her money and turn her in for the reward. Yet is it a chance she must take. Handsome and bold, he heads a ragtag crew that makes a living through protection as well as thieving. 
Nat and Wes (Ryan) are drawn together by feelings they can’t control, but there are too many lies between them. Can their love survive the deceit of others and the anger of evil men as they try to destroy all that is beautiful in an effort to control a world gone crazy?
De La Cruz has a knack of bringing you heroes and heroines that are strong yet flawed. Their unusual beauty is offset by darkness or past that creates a crossroads to making them more malleable as well as good. Her worlds are uniquely interesting, often vulnerable or dangerous, much like the characters she peoples them with. With an ever escalading volume of books De La Cruz has kept her imagination in check, dredging another fascinating work of fiction and fantasy. Never far from romance, this tome sparkles with the beginnings of a powerful attraction, another hook to draw you into the fold.
If you enjoy mystery, magic, dystopian worlds, fantasy and romance, this is a great find. As usual from the work I have followed she has penned another volume that doesn’t disappoint.
Rating 4/5
This book was received from the authors publicist. All opinions are my own based on my reading and understanding of the material.

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