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Tenderloin: Abby Kane Adventure #2 by Ty Hutchinson

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If you are looking for a gutsy female, a woman who is tough and gritty yet has the mothering instinct second to none, Abby Kane will reel you in.  In Tenderloin by Ty Hutchinson, an Abby Kane Thriller, his protagonist is back, but in a situation that pulls her totally out of her element.
When a DEA agent ends up dead in Bogota Columbia, FBI Agent Abby Kane is sent there to dig into the strange circumstances. Leaving her young family, she is torn.  Balancing the work, life balance is difficult enough, yet when you are in a job where every day is a life or death battle, she has to make considerations beyond that of many. She is not always the master of her decisions and when the order comes through, she does what she has to.
In Bogota she searches for answers to the terrifying deaths that are taking place. She is working with a tough group of men she doesn’t know, and yet has to trust with her life. When she uncovers a lab in the jungle where it appears some strange experiments have taken place, she begins to believe that one of the local drug cartels is involved. Crossing paths with one of the scientists, she must do everything in her power to keep him alive until they get to the bottom of the killings.

The locals don’t understand the nature of the killings, but they know there is only one man who can be behind them. He is known as The Monster.
Can Abby track down the killer before a more sinister use of this new drug changes the shape of the drug industry in ways unimagined.  How does she keep her family safe, when she does not understand the rules or the people she has been working with.
Abby is a strong and feisty woman, yet her family is her strength. They are everything she has, and she must maintain the balance necessary for them to keep their familial relationship. This is very difficult with her chosen profession, yet with the help of her mother-in-law, she preservers. Yet even that causes friction which often intrudes in her work activities. 
Abby is also sometimes a little too gullible for an agent, and yet she overcomes that trait when the going gets tough. If you enjoy action and suspense, buried in mysterious circumstances you will enjoy this work.  Hutchinson has given us a character that is likable and tough, yet has the flaws and insecurities of many working mothers. This is a fun and intriguing work, one that would be a great find for your reading enjoyment.
Rating 3/5
This book was received free from the Author, all opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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