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Fairydust by Simon R. Taylor

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In a world where disease is common and there is only one remedy, now under control of the ruling power, how do you save your family from sure death?
In Fairy Dust by Simon R. Taylor we are introduced to a word struggling to move forward.  The elves are slowly dying due to a natural crisis. They must find a hero, but only the most unlikely seems to be available. The White Fairy is the only one who can spare the answers to the extinction of the elves. But can Daniel a young man, enamored of the kings daughter, find the fairy in time.  When Maria, the Kings daughter, finds that Daniel has been chosen, she makes a decision to follow.
The King has already promised her hand to another, and is incensed, accusing Daniel of kidnapping. Daniel continues his quest, unknowing of all the trouble he has brewed. When he is saved by Maria, he is both ecstatic and relieved. Could she truly love him? As they move closer to the answers, little do they realize that they are being hunted? Both by the Kings men, as well as those who do not want the Elves to find an answer to their extinction. Can they escape the pitfalls and become the heroes necessary to end the scourge or is it already too late.
The story is unique, one where the Elves lives hang in the balance, and all depends on a particular plant that is now dying out. When the King commands the use of all for his own family, he sets a series of events in motion that are both strange and hurtful.  The King is not a good man, and makes an easily dislikable protagonist. His every move and plan is deceitful, and even his family suffers.
The personality of the different groups and individual elves keep you enthralled and pulling for Daniel to find the solution to their problem. Even as those you begin to care about hide their troubling disease, you begin to fear. Will they make it?
Taylor has written a story twisted with spite and evil, yet lightened it with a bit of humor as well. He has chosen to incorporate some rather unusual accoutrements to the work, some unlikely narration, different wording techniques, and a visitor that drops in occasionally. Some of this I found charming and other annoying, but the differing styles keep you looking to see what else is happening.
Regardless of whether you enjoy the innovative writing or not, the story is spellbinding and full of power.  The romance is fun, and the circumstances are dire. Not everything is as it seems and you will find romance, chills, and a bit of humor throughout.  If you enjoy the novelty of being pulled into the story you will find this up your alley. Taylor takes you on a journey you are sure to remember.
Rating 3/5
This work was received free from the authors publicist. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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