Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Big Picture; 11 Rules That Will Change Your Life by Tony Horton

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Self-help and exercise books carry a certain niche in the market place. Where do you turn and who can help you with your dilemmas. With so many knowable gurus available where do you start?
The Big Picture by Tony Horton, is certainly one of those works that can help guide you. Horton is the creator for one of the bestselling workout programs known as P90X. Yet as with all exercise there is more to your remaking than just a body sculpting phenomenon. Horton shares his insights as well as his experience through 11 rules that have helped him change his life, and can in turn help you further enhance your ability to become who you want to be. A savvy and entertaining host, he offers the very changes that have helped him along on his own personal journey.
Often self-help books are dry and sometimes hard to hold you interest. While we all want to be the best we can be, we often feel like there is an overload of information, and beyond that, how do we–simple humans– begin the process. If we knew the answers we wouldn’t spend so much time looking for them.
Horton offers up 11 rules of life, his own experiences, and his take on how to move into the next phase. He uses his background, which includes a bit of comedy, to help you through the dryness, and while some of the jokes make you laugh some are just a bit painful. That in and of itself is a beautiful thing, because you begin to realize he is much like you, and not everything is as easy as it seems. He too, has tried and failed, and yet now he has moved beyond and is living the life he dreamed.
The fact that he is willing to share and wants to encourage you to also dream and move forward is a testament to his character.  Not everyone will be as success full as Horton, yet there are shades of success, differing colors and abilities which make us such a unique species. Everyone’s best is different and the reason why we evolve as we do. Yet for some the way has been lost and the rules that Horton uses to stay on track are certainly livable and highly personal to each individual using them.
If you are looking for a guide to get you back to basics and help you live a fuller and richer life, you will realize this is a gem in the rough. You will need to polish up those hidden abilities and feelings to find the true diamond within, and Horton gives you some great guidelines to follow. The humor and experiences he threads through the book keeps you interested, and his own success makes it all too real.
This is a great book to add to your library; it is not just about exercise, but about moving forward in life. Whether that is with your search for an exercise routine, healing a breech, improving your working and family lives or just plain guidance you will find words of encouragement and praise. The Big Picture is just that, and fuels the imagination.
Rating 5/5
This book was received free from the publisher. All opinions are my own based of my reading and understanding off the material.

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