Saturday, December 6, 2014

Keeping Mum: Episode One by Perrin Briar

Tongue-in-cheek and quirky you will find the action and ideas in ‘Keeping Mum’ both fun and gregarious.

 Peter is a fledgling actor looking for his slot in the difficult world of acting. Kate, his sister, is a high maintenance woman without the money or prospects to pull it off.  Their mother has been in declining health and they both know that in only seven more days, they will finally receive their trust money. Their mum only has to live for seven more days and they will be home free.  For Kate this means everything. She has spent more than she can afford and is now in dire trouble.

It is with both shock and dismay when Kate shows for a visit only to find that their mum has passed away. In a panic she calls her brother, and even in her anxiety she has a plan.

She knows that Peter has auditioned for a part that requires someone to play an elderly woman. He feel like he flubbed his chances and his sister Kate uses this to her advantage. With the right props and makeup he can pretend to be their mum for the next seven days and then they can announce her death. In the meantime they can put her in the big freezer and thaw her when the time comes.  Peter thinks she is crazy and will have none of it. When she comes clean with the mess of her life and the immediacy of her need he begrudging concurs, and so begins the fun and irresistible romp of humor and drama that pulls you in.

If you are a fan of the absurd and bizarre, this will fill the bill. If you enjoy comedy and strange behaviors then you are sure to enjoy the antics. I look forward to following the comedic situation as it unwinds, and believe that Perrin Briar has done a great job of setting a story and creating characters that seem a perfect fit.  You will want to read his episodes in their entirety to get the full comedic scope of his drama.
Rating 5/5

This download was received free from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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