Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Silent Creed by Alex Kava

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review:'Silent Creed', A Ryder Creed Novel by Alex Kava.

When major catastrophes happen, Ryder Creed and his animals are often some of the first responders. In Silent Creed by Alex Kava we follow him to another disaster site. Creed is not there for the glory, he is there for a job. His dogs are not just his closest companions but dogs trained for rescue. They search both for cadavers as well as for live victims of the differing disturbances that create the need.

Reaching his recent assignment, his first thought is of a wasteland. The situation is precarious and he finds out in the worst way possible just how fragile the search site, when he and his dogs are caught in a mudslide. As he is being dug from the mud, other bodies are found with the help of his dog. Yet they all lose hope when they find not the live rescue they hoped for but bodies that are past redemption. Yet it was not the explosion or the mud slide that appears to have caused their demise. Each victim has a bullet hole in the middle of their forehead.
Suddenly the search group is looking for two kinds of victims and an answer that someone does not want found. Creed finds himself in the middle of a disaster that no one could have anticipated. His concern is for his animals as always, but the danger is palpable in more ways than one. Can he get to the bottom of the mystery and keep himself and his dogs safe, while finding any witnesses or others that may still be lost in the mud?

Kava keeps you riveted with the mystery that is infused into the search as well as through her protagonist Ryder Creed and his dogs. Creed is an amazing character, tough when necessary especially when the situations are just about him, but bring his dogs into the mix and he turns into another guy all together. The interaction between him and his search animals make you want to find that kind of love and respect, and his strength of character draw you to him.

The mystery itself is again one of those worries and concerns that we read about in the papers. Kava takes us into hidden agendas and possible terror circles as she moves the pawns in the game of life as she sees it.

If you love mystery and danger with a dose of amazing animals and search and rescue, this is the book of the summer. Once started prepare to be hooked for you will be unable to put it down. Alex Kava has given us another reason to draw to her character of Ryder Creed. Yet to liven it up further she brings her other character of Maggie O’Dell on board, cementing the creation of a great working duo, although Creed shines on his own.

This would be a great work for a book club or reading group. It would also be the perfect book for your action and mystery library.

Rating 5/5

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