Monday, October 5, 2015

The 3RD Woman by Jonathan Freedland

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'The 3RD Woman,' A Political Thriller by Jonathan Freedland.

Jonathan Freedland’s The 3RD Woman takes us into a future where the United States and China have struck a bargain. In return for forgiving the trillions in debt owed to them, the United States has allowed them to establish a military presence on U.S. soil. Due to many economic downturns America has left herself vulnerable, and the evidence of China’s dominance is everywhere.

Madison Webb is a journalist that is obsessed with exposing the lies and corruption that are corroding the American dream and society. When her sister is brutally murdered the police insist it is an isolated incident. Madison believes the cops may be hiding something. As she digs for answers she finds that her sister’s savage death is only one of many, and could be a part of a very dangerous conspiracy.

Even with her own life on the line, Madison refuses to let go of the story. She is on the run and understands that she is exposing more than the most powerful are willing to allow. Can she find the answers before her life and home are destroyed for good?

His depth of realism has you worrying and puts you in the fighting spirit of reviving our great nation, and also takes us into the darkness and secrets of power hungry and powerful nations, willing to do what it takes to hide their secrets.

Freedland takes us on a chilling ride that creates many of the challenges and dangers that we often worry about. He takes a harrowing possibility and makes it fact, then drags in the dangers of collusion and hidden agendas. All the while he develops a story line that has potential and then fills it with characters that you really care about.

If you enjoy political intrigue and suspense, you will find this a perfect fit for your library. The brilliance of the story actually raises the hair on the back of your neck, so be prepared for the reality of such a possibility.

This would be a great work for a book club or reading group. A political thriller with teeth.

Rating 4\5

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