Saturday, May 7, 2016

Some Women by Emily Liebert

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'Some Women,' A Novel by Emily Liebert.

Life is often difficult and changes in many ways as we grow older. Marriage and children add another twist but also bring both joy and often heartache. In Some Women by Emily Liebert, we are introduced to and won over by three different women with very little in common who find a way to connect and develop a friendship that helps them each to move forward and live the life that is thrust upon them.

Annabel Ford devotes her time to twin boys and her home. When her husband suddenly tells her he is leaving she is unprepared and finds her world spinning out of control. Piper Whitley has always been in control and run her life faultlessly. Raising a daughter and having a career as a reporter, she seems the epitome of a super mom. Yet when she finally meats the man of her dreams, her daughter’s father decides to show up, creating a maelstrom of emotion, causing cracks in the fa├žade of her reality.

Mackenzie Mead has everything, she is married to the heir of a huge media outlet, and life seems to be hers for the living. Yet she has a strong and difficult boss at work, one who is also her own mother-in law. The life that seemed so perfect is eroding as she finds she can no longer find that connection for communicating with her husband.

Life is suddenly not coming out as planned. Thrust together, these women form an unlikely friendship and against all odds. Yet it’s this bond that helps them each reach within to find the person they each know is inside. Can such a friendship help them to cope with the changes and challenges of their unraveling lives?

Liebert brings us life and humor where we often see only struggle. She takes us into the hardships and challenges of modern day life. She brings together three very different women who become the backbone and the strength that helps them to move forward. Each character is very different from the other and yet Liebert finds a way to make the bond work in a realistic and tantalizing way. You find yourself immersed in the lives and problems, rooting them on, urging them to find a way to mend the hurts and hardships they are struggling with.

If you enjoy women’s fiction, drama, and witty, funny dialogue you will find this a great work to keep you entertained. Liebert keeps you entranced from start to finish in her heartwarming and funny look at the life of those we often deem most perfect. Life happens to us all, and Liebert’s work gives us the blueprint to keep moving forward.

This would be a great book for a Book club or discussion group. Full of interesting and challenging subjects it will create great open dialogue and fun.

Rating 4/5

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