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Hunter's Moon Magic by Sandra SooKoo

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Judith Goode finished putting the final touches on the gown that was supposed to be for her romantic tryst with Percy. The black velvet, used to make the dress, was supplied by Percy, her lover, which is what made it the perfect gown for their reunion. Judith was afraid though, she had been labeled as a witch and knew that she would be arrested and hung before Percy was able to rescue her. As she completed her task of love, she used all her healing craft to imbue the dress with love and hope, knowing that should she be arrested, that all the love she had for Percy would not be realized. If she can't wear the dress then she is determined that any women that wears the dress will have her true love dreams realized.

The sharp knock at the door interrupts her musings, and she finishes packing the beautiful gown with care, her brother must make sure the gown preserved and passed along their bloodline to their decedents. As the knock came again, she handed the package to her assistant and wiped the tears from her eyes. She would meet her fate with strength and honor, and she would stare into the eyes of her accusers, she would die but it would be on her own terms.
October 29th, I692 Ipswich, Massachusetts

Judith is a woman with healing lore during the 1600's in Massachusetts during a time of widespread hysteria. Many women and children were accused of witchcraft, as well as devil followers and were either burned at the stake or hung to death. She is one of these women whose life it cut short before her time. There is magic in love and with Judith's skill with herbs, that love is passed down through the generations.

Percy is bold and handsome; he is a seafaring man and the only man for Judith. In his estimation he will be able to rescue Judith at the last hour prior to her hanging. His love if fierce and burns brightly.

Throughout the years the dress has been handed down; the gown is meant to bring true lovers together, but on each occasion fate was not ready. Love was ignited and burned brightly until life got in it's way. Judith is trapped and until their hearts beat again as one, she will not be able to be with Percy. She has one last opportunity for this connection, or all will be lost.

October 31st, 2008 Indianapolis, Indiana

Jacob Howson loves the research he has been conducting on his family tree. Imagine belonging to a family that is descended from an accused witch. As he researched Judith Goode and her death by hanging, he was sad that she met the same fate as many of those others accused during that time in history. He is a strong and handsome man with a heart of gold. While he is at the dry cleaner picking up his laundry he ends up with an extra item on his load. It is a soft black gown and he tries to return it to the laundry. The owner will not take it as it was signed in to him. As Jacob turns to leave he runs into a young woman also bringing in her laundry. She does not move and he is knocked to the ground.

Lexy Brown, is beautiful and smart, she is challenging and very opinionated. Brushing against the plastic surrounding the dress she feels an immediate connection with Jacob. She is suspicious and ignores this feeling as she leaves the cleaner.

Jacob too feels that connection. Afraid he will not see her again, he follows her across the street and finally gets her to speak to him. He uses up his last nerve and asks her to accompany him to the Halloween party he attending later. Much to her surprise she agrees. She allows him to accompany her home and when she finds she has nothing to wear for the party, Jacob remembers the dress. When she finally agrees to wear it, she finds that it fits as if made for her. Again whether it is the dress or if it is just that their souls having found each other, Jacob and Lexy feel a strong connection. Their glances are white hot, and the passion inevitable. Each look and every lingering touch draws them closer. The dynamics are sizzling and the story pulls you in.

This is a first class and fun story full of charm and humor. It also gives us glimpses into the shadowy history of the trials of witchcraft and the hysteria it created. Women and children, young and old where accused during those dreadful years, and many innocents were condemned to death. While the story dealt with this horror, it remained focused on the bright and shiny hope of love and how it endures through the ages.

I was disappointed with the length of the story; it did not give the author enough time to really develop her characters. I was able to get a feel for a few of them, but the story was such a beautiful one to be cut short in this way. It was still very well written and fun. I would recommend it as the story is very innovative and moving. It is very unique from what I have read before.


Judith Goode is condemned as a witch in 1600 Massachusetts. The dress she has made for her romantic tryst with her lover, has just been completed. Her faith in love is strong so she imbues the dress with different herbs, so that anyone wearing it will find love. The story gives us the life and times of Judith Goode and then fast forwads us to the 1900’s where another of her decedents comes upon the dress. This too is a beautiful and doomed love, a love of passion and souls, fate and it fickleness.

With Judith still pulling the strings, trying to create that perfect love, we again fast forward to 2008 and our current time. Here we have a story of love and longing, of a passion that burns, and a pair of souls who may have reached the end of their journey. Has Judith finally set the stage for a lasting love? Will our final lovers be the ones to help her reunite with her one true love?

Rating 3/5

This Book was received as a free E-Book from the Publisher. All Opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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