Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anyone Can Die By James Lepore

Anyone can die is a collection of easy to read and fast paced stories written with emotion, and depth. Each is imbued with the energy of the writer and creates a fascinating picture into the lives of the character, as though he gives them his very breath.

In Til Death Do Us Part, we meet a young couple newly married. Pat and Lorrie Nolan are in love, full of charm and character. On their honeymoon in New Mexico they are confronted by a group of locals, drunk and ignorant, just out for fun, but with an edge bordering on violence. Finding Lorrie in danger brings out the beast in Pat and as he protects her from two of the thugs, she in turn saves him from the third. The virulent emotion charged anger and aftermath builds a bond they could not imagine. A bond that would last til death.

In God's Warriors, James Lepore has introduced an unlikely heroine. On the surface Megan Nolan is strangely materialistic. Men are to be toyed with and keep her supplied with jewels. In the underbelly of the darkest sides of the City, she is altogether something else. She chooses her friends here for what they can do for her as well, but for a much darker and deeper reason. Friends with an old gypsy woman, she is somewhat unnerved to find she is being abused by her son. But that is not all he is guilty of. As a young girl is found in his possession, he is tried and found guilty. Disappearing into the black holes of the worst parts of the city, we find that this young girl now has a new life, and Megan--well Megan continues her life of luxury, high above it all. Or does she?

James Lepore rounds out this collection with Max. This story introduces us to Max French. He is late for the funeral of a good friend from childhood, Francis Lee. Life for Max changed shortly before he met Francis, and he had not seen him for twenty two years. Max's mother had been killed by his stepfather, and Max had repressed his memory, he could not tell if he dreamed the murder or had seen it. This is a formative part of Max's life, it is part of what makes him both a bit eccentric and dangerous. Lepore has written a character straight from the pages of life, and molded him with an unhealthy excitement for death.

This is an extremely character driven collection of stories, impressive with strong insight into the motivations that drive us all.

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