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Share Your Soul by Rachel Carrington

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Ms. Carrington writes a story that sucks you in from the very first sentence. The beginning is just the tip of how the story progresses, and yet it is intrinsic to the flow of the book. Often with such a marvelous buildup in the beginning, disappointment sets in as the story unfolds. However, it is not the case in this superb novella. From beginning to end you are rapt, engaged and impatient to know what happens next. I was intensely interested and read this in one sitting.

Olivia Channing has finally made a decision for revenge on the fifth anniversary of her death. When she meets the man who will help her, she is immediately intrigued. Following an age-old story of vengeance, Olivia believes she knows what she wants. She is not sure why she has not passed over, and there are some irritating things about being a ghost. Now that she has made a decision, she is sure life (death) will make more sense.
Olivia is a very angry ghost; she has realized that her murderer may never be brought to justice. It just does not sit right. She is ready to pull out all stops and break rules if she needs to. When she meets the facilitator of her plans, she is intrigued by his presence, and she struggles with remembering why she is concerned about vengeance.
Gabriel is a facilitator in many ways. He helps the flow of souls, and when one struggles as much as Olivia does, she cannot cross over. He is attracted to her from the beginning and yet he understands his place in the scheme of things. He has never felt the way he does now, and is unsure of direction. In all his time in his current position, he has never had to make a decision that went against everything he believed in, and yet he is conflicted. Will he make the right decision, putting his feelings aside?

The power of the charge between the two comes up time after time, leaving you affected with the blast of lust. So close and yet so far from realizing their coming together, Olivia still has no idea why Gabriel holds back. The heat is strong, and the characters are amazing. I was entranced throughout the story, hoping—just hoping—that it would work out for them.

In SHARE YOUR SOUL, Rachel Carrington has put together a thoughtful and sexy story, catching your soul as well, as you zip through this story. It holds you to the end, with a satisfying and well-told tale of love.

Rating 5/5

This e-book was received free from the author through The Romance Reviews. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.
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