Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Fisted Tweets by James Hutchings

James Hutchings has put together a series of short stories, full of fun and quite insightful. They are interesting with each a story into itself. I found myself reading and enjoying each individual story, some were fun, others dark, but even those were set with humor. What was interesting to me is it brought to mind the reading of quotes. Always quite unique and generally with meaning or an interesting morale. While the book is short it does have a great deal of fun and laughter involved. Each story is under 140 characters in length, about the size of a tweet which I would think how the name came into being.

It has several different genres, including science fiction, and if you enjoy good short fiction, this is the book to find. If you enjoy humor you will want to check out this set of short stories by James Hutchings, he has cornered the market on short story fun. I alway find it interesting to see how some writers can put together stories in such form and it is always a marvel to feel like you get it.

Rating 4/5

This book was received as a a free download from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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