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What's Wrong with Donny Speck? by T. L. Peters

Often cutthroat, the world of law and the legal machinations of the attorneys  can spell huge paydays for the down and out, and for the attorneys themselves. Often attorneys cater to one particular company, there at the company’s disposal. Competition for partner is a part of the package, and frequently, underhanded games are played within the firm. Those relishing that relationship are brave enough to risk all to reach that particular brass ring.

In What’s Wrong with Donny Speck by Thomas Peters, Donny occasionally has dreams about escaping the confines of law. He is in contention with Mike Denton for the partnership in Deswold’s law firm. The problem was that Mike is everything the Donny was not. He was handsome, bold, and charismatic, dressed well and still had a headful of hair. He was also good with the ladies, including one tall ruthless and strong office worker, Leona, whom Donny just happened to have his eye on.

Donny is unkempt, often un-showered. He has learned to use the shuffle and uncooperative attitude to perfection. For some reason his boss equates this look with intelligence. While Mike has pulled ahead in the running, their most important client feels that he has mishandled his business and is now looking to have his business rechecked for errors. The law firm hides many of his transactions to keep him free from the law, but something is bothering him about some of his recent transactions. He wants Donny Speck. Asking his mentor for advice, Donny meets another potiential strong woman, Monica, who also seems a bit interested in him.

He agrees to run interference for their Client. This will require him to fly to Bolivia to handle the paperwork. From here, everything begins to turn in strange and unusual directions. His mentor’s secretary shows up, and seems to be stalking him. He finds the country in disarray. As he concludes his business and heads home, he soon finds Mike Denton and Leona murdered. Soon Donny is the only suspect and he must run for his life. Can he find what is happening and why? Will his life ever be the same?

Donny is an odd character, and I found him not at all likable. He is wimpy and whiney, and very unkempt. He is one of those characters that you dislike at the beginning and every turn he takes only makes you further understand your feeling. He is sneaky, and gets off women who slap him around. As a protagonist, he is the guy you love to dislike. His personality is virtually non- existent and yet all the action plays out around or about him.

Monica is the strength in the relationship. There are things about her that are unknown and she is full of layers. She is admirable and yet, there is something about Donny that attracts her. Without her, he will not be able to get out of the mess he is in, and yet she consistently pulls away, to return when he is in need.

This is an odd and somewhat interesting novel, which takes you from the quintessential law offices in the States and into the unbridled and rioting country of Bolivia. The descriptions of the area are well written and you can see the happenings. I believe the genre would fit the suspense category, with a bit of romance thrown in. It is also riddled with humor, a sort of tongue in cheek variety. It was a difficult book for me to get into, although the story was interesting enough. Parts of the story weighed it down, and created a bit of slow going. However, it was interesting and gave a different and unique view of the world of law.

Rating 3/5
What's Wrong With Donny Speck

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