Sunday, July 3, 2011

Acadia, Book 1: The Lost King and the Goddess of Time by Ali M. Naqvi

The battle between lightness and dark has gone on since the beginning of time, but how does one always know which is which, when the lines are sometimes blurred on each side.

In Acadia: Book One: The Lost King and the Goddess of Time, Ali M. Naqvi has given us an interesting look into the life of a boy. This is the story of Damont, who is by birth a King, and yet with no knowledge of his background or heritage. Brought up in a small village by a man presumed to be his uncle he is ready to shake the dust of his small village and become more than what his is.

When his uncle returns from a very mysterious trip, he insists that it is time for Damont to go with him to the city. Damont is concerned with the secrets he see in his uncle’s eyes, but he is ready. It is only as they make their way, that Damont begins to get an inkling of the changes in store. As he reaches Haldina and meets the Duke as well as the Lady Kynthia, Queen of the Illyiumian Kingdom, it is only now he finds he is born the last King of Acadia. Born a Langorn, he is a part of the prophecy to bring the land and people together one more time.

Not everyone is happy about his return. There are those willing to destroy everything necessary to make sure Damont never realizes his destiny.

Naqvi has written a tale full of life, and danger. His characters are quite likable and charismatic. Along with humans, he has peopled it with gods and demigods, vampires, and sorcerers. I found it a bit of a slow read because there was so much going on. A few times, I found myself going back because I felt I might have missed some nuances.

The tale is epic and we follow Damont and his friends on his quest to find the answers to his birth as well as his place in the new history of his world. He must learn to trust his companions and learn to believe in something he grew up thinking of as fairy tales.

The story is quite bold and told in the fashion of most epics, full of war and death, and a tale of the gods playing in the life of the humans they lord over. It is fantastical and quite interesting, with a smooth delivery. Even with the scope of the adventure, and bringing in the different factions, it is pretty easy to follow the action.

Damont is in over his head and must rely on those closest to him to help guide him in the right direction. When he finally reaches his quest, he learns more about himself than he is prepared to hear, and yet it now begins to all make sense.

If you enjoy high fantasy you will really enjoy the Book of Acadia, it begins with this story and brings to light the story of how it all begins. Beginning with the coming to light of the King, and with some background as to the Goddess of Time and her place in the world, we are pulled into the timeless fight of the land of Acadia. Naqvi has done a marvelous job of building a story and makes you want to read what happens next in this wonderful world.

He has done an exciting job of world building and his characters leap off the pages. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future. I am left wondering what is in store for Damont and his friends.

Rating 4/5
Acadia, Book 1: the Lost King and the Goddess of Time

This book was received as a free download from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.


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