Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chasing the Ghost by A. Grams

Does love really transcend death? If given a choice to do over, to right things that may have been wrong, or seemed wrong for the one you loved would you take a chance? Would you sell your very soul to make the way smoother for your ‘soul mate’?

In Chasing the Ghost by A. Grams, we have the opportunity to follow the life of a soul in action. Making a deal for another to live her life, allowing her own spirit to follow the life of her love from birth, she intends to help him make decisions for a better life. Alexander sees her ghost when no one else can, and he comes to rely on her as an invisible friend. Little does she realize that while she remembers her love for Alexander from another time and faces that seem important to her, she begins to lose the memory of those names and places.

The other, an omnipresent being, who lives her life and holds her body, will continue until it is time to transition her soul back into this body. It is then, when she will again meet her love, but he will have had a better life, one that will make him a happier man. Here they will hook up again and live life with a love that was meant to be.

Her body drifts and time passes making her further forget her first life, and periodically she is brought back when she is needed to help through heartbreak and trouble. She realizes that she must not step in at every turn, and must allow him some of the mistakes, the ones that make him who he is, but whenever she can she helps to direct him to a better course.

Is it possible to regain a love, when the past is no longer the past. When much of the heartbreak and pain is bypassed and fresh, memories constructed.

As the time comes and she is returned to her own body, will their souls reconnect, but in an even deeper level.

This is a thought provoking and interesting look at what makes a person who and what they are. Can we go back in time and restructure those harmful and hurtful things that gave us pain. Should we really mess with those things that have gone on before? Does an everlasting love always find its way home, to the soul that it connects with time after time, life after life?

This is an interesting story as you follow Alexander’s life as he grows up. The woman ghost is his friend and confidant and he relies on her to help him make it through his roughest periods. He is interesting and A Grams has done a good job of putting together a story of love. This love moves beyond the ordinary, and involves a woman who will sell her very soul to help heal the one she loves.

It is a story of life and love, but also presented with just a small twist of horror. One can never know how a life will change when the baggage of pain is left behind. If you enjoy a bit of mystery and light horror, you will enjoy this novella. It is short but packed with some emotion that leaves you thinking.

Rating 3/5
Chasing the Ghost
This novella was received as a free download from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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