Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Shameful Diary of a Hopeless Romantic by Suzi Case

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Reading the pages of a diary seems so voyeuristic and with the comedy and thought process of the writer the developement is just plain fun. Following the life of Maggie Lane is fun and interesting through the pages of her diary. Her love life and her friendships are much of what we experience and the fun is unique enough to suck you in. This is a strange and addictive read, one I found hard to put down.

Maggie has set her plans in life, and finds love in the most absurd ways. She has some marvelous friendships and some turbulent ups and downs. While her goals seem unrealistic, she too is aware of just how silly they are, but they are hers and the keep her buoyed. She is in love with various move stars and one of her best friends from school, but she is just as sure that these are avenues that will never come to fruition. But then again, Ben often wants her opinion on his girlfriends; maybe he does secretly feel more for her than friendship. When she meets Blake at the gym, there is something about him as well. What is with her that she can’t seem to determine who is right for her? Can she turn her life around and find the one?

I really enjoyed this book and the characters were quite wonderful. Each was unique and yet very much like those we all know. Maggie herself is quite funny, and her antics actually have a tendency to keep you smiling. She is very likable, and yet very real. She seems to be someone you could relate to.

With each of her successive guys, while there is some development of tenseness and even overtures of friend ship, there was never that heat that leaves you wanting them to get together. Each of the men in her life are very likable and you root for them all, but there is none of that––this is the one, she has to find a way with this one. You can feel the embarrassment, but not the attraction that generally gets your heart racing along with the heroine.

If you like a good and fun story this is certainly in that realm. The romance is there, just not the heat, so if you enjoy the funny and intricate ways of someone trying to find love, you will enjoy the banter. Case has a way with characters and humor. With just a bit more heat this would be a work of great romance.

Rating 3/5

This book was received as a review copy through the Romance Reviews. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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