Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Creative Anarchy, How to Break the Rules of Graphic Design by Denise Bosler

Posted First to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'Creative Anarchy' How to Break the Rules of Graphic Design by Denise Bosler.

For those in business, advertising is one of the best forms of media for getting your company or business in front of its intended public. Yet advertising is such a fickle enterprise, one that is often ineffective and it is difficult to decipher just what works and what doesn’t, and why.

Creative Anarchy by Denise Bosler is a look at Graphic design and advertising in a way that gives insight to the industry.  In an in-depth work of photos, ads, lessons and creative license you are given a tour of how the most successful consultants or ad agencies create the stuff dreams are made of. Each year advertisers create ads, but before they ever get accepted they are first designed and created by a series of creative individuals that understand the rules of the game as well as the occasional rule-breaking that makes the mundane into the incredible.

The lessons, media and images are chaotic and exciting and you are drawn to follow the ideas and successes of those who have broken the barrier of what makes advertising stick in the mind of the audience.

With proven methods and interesting images and procedures, you are taken into a world of color and creative process, one that is intriguing and stimulating.

For the large business as well as the entrepreneur this is an important work that could change the way your business garners sales and interest. If you are drawn to the idea behind a creative endeavor you will enjoy the thoughts and processes that have gone into this tome of creative advertising. 

I found the book both enlightening and the ideas very intriguing. It is amazing to see the depth of the trade knowledge and come to an understanding of why some ads work and other do not. If you are looking for that work that can take your business to the next level then this is a must have for your work place.

The ideas and creativeness leave a lasting impression and will help to light that fire of imagery into the mind of those wanting to capture their audience at first glance.  This is a great lesson in human dynamics, a bold look at how to capture the imagination

Rating 5/5

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