Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Shadow Cabinet by Maureen Johnson

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'The Shadow Cabinet' by Maureen Johnson.

Beginning with Ghost Busters  and moving on to Men in Black we have become enamored of the idea that there is a special squad out there, helping to keep us safe from the strange and unnatural. Could such a hidden group exist in secrecy so deep it remains under the radar?

In The Shadow Cabinet by Maureen Johnson, we meet one such group and follow their exploits into the world of ghosts and darkness.  Reeling from tragedy Rory and her friends find themselves looking for one of their own who has been lost. Has he moved on to the other side, or is it just possible that Rory acted in time to save him.

As they begin their search, Rory’s friend Charlotte is kidnapped by a woman named Jane.  Known to Rory as a teacher and counselor, she is now recognized as the leader of a cultish organization that has its roots in the disappearance of a group of people from 40 years prior.

Rory and her group, known as the ghost squad find their own time running out as they search for their friend, and contain the damage that is engendered by Jane and her own group as they try to unleash a nightmare on the city. Can they stop the damage and still find Stephen before it is too late?

This is a fun and unique story of a group of those who find themselves in a position of powerful secrets as they clean up the city of London. Only a select amount of the chosen are included, but there is only one way that seems to lead to the abilities necessary. Near death experience seems to turn the tide and Johnson has given us an action packed thriller with humor and adventure as well as the danger of real crime. 

She has done a great job on creating characters, with the downright creepy to the smoldering and dangerous.  To be in such a group there must be a strength, yet along with that also comes the flaws, and that is what makes this a work to follow.

If you enjoy the paranormal connected with romance, danger, mystery and adventure you will find this a work to follow. Well written you will find the strange but likable characters keep you interested. If you are reading into the night be sure to keep your doors locked and your lights on for the strangely intense, creepy quality will makes the hairs on your neck stand at attention.

For those who enjoy this type of work it will be a great addition to your library, but make space for the series as it is sure to be spectacular.

Rating 4/5

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