Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Orient by Christopher Bollen

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'Orient,' A Suspense by Christopher Bollen. 

In Orient by Christopher Bollen, we are introduced to a small town on Long Island. The wealthy from Manhattan have discovered the area and because of that the costs of housing has skyrocketed. Many of the new people are artists, but there are also those that have dug in and refuse to lose their homes to those who are trying now to oust them.

Things become unthinkable when a body is found in the water surrounding the area, and the same day a strange deformed animal corpse is also found on the beach. The rumors abound about the type of work being done in a nearby research lab. As the talk begins, Mills, a young orphan from the West with no ties to the town is suddenly looked at with suspicion. Beth, one of the original natives of Orient asks for his help in uncovering the truth of what is happening.

Bodies begin to pile up as all eyes begin to focus on Mills, he is the stranger and it is only after his appearance that the strange happenings begin to gather strength. Can he and Beth find the answers before it is too late? Already he is targeted, and has nowhere else to turn.

Bollen has given us a story of greed and suspense. Using the fear of the unknown and taking advantage of the local’s gossip he has given us a great cast of suspects as well as individual characters that make you wonder. As each character is filled in, he takes you just a smidgen further creating your own worry about what and who they are.

As the deaths continue to occur, he takes you further as you follow his characters of Beth and Mill as they transverse danger while they both try to keep Mills out of the clutches of the police. All eyes are pointed at him, and Beth feels there is more below the surface. The author creates that feeling of you being a part of that struggle to find the answers.

If you enjoy suspense and mystery you will find this an admirable addition to your library. Add a dose of quirky and absurd and you will find this to be interesting and a bit off kilter. Bollen crates a novel of tragedy and suspense holding you enthralled to the very end.

Rating 4/5

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