Monday, December 14, 2015

The Jericho River, A Novel about the History of Western Civilization by David W. Tollen

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review:'The Jericho River, A Novel About the History of Western Civilization' by David W. Tollen.

History is one of those things that people either love or hate. Often dry and boring, it does not have the continued excitement that helps to keep one interested. This is especially true of the young who are looking for constant thrills due to gaming and other entertainment that is now readily available. In The Jericho River by David W. Tollen, he gives us an alternative to the dry and often unexciting past. Utilizing the past and history throughout it’s a wonderful mythical and epic tale of danger and excitement and he finds a way to introduce both myth and history in order to keep the reader fascinated.

Jason Gallo finds himself propelled into time under bizarre circumstances. Before he can figure out how to return to his own time, he finds himself on the trail of his father. A professor in his own right, his father disappeared years before leaving a young Jason on his own. But this tale is more than just an adventure, it is a timeline of history.

As Gallo moves from rumor to rumor of sightings of his father, he finds both danger and intrigue. He makes both powerful friends as well as dangerous enemies. He finds himself in situations and places that you only know from books, both real and imagined. But with all his heartache can he find his father before his presence changes the world as we know it?

This would be a great book for your young historian to add to his library, or even your adventure enthusiast. It is also intriguing for anyone who enjoys a great romp into the past, with myths, history and adventures of worth. Tollen does a great job of making history fun. Tollen has created a group of characters both intriguing and eminently likable. Often the action is unbelievable, but also mythologically and historically correct in most cases. The action is fast paced and keeps you interested in a way that seems surreal. Jason is a fun protagonist, but he also raises both questions and doubt about his experience as he is not always in the know about the history he’s travelling through.

This would be a great book for a reading or discussion group, with plenty of information to spice it up.

Rating 4/5

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