Monday, July 26, 2010

My Ex-Best Friend by Beth Brophy

   Claire Newman is a mom first, a writer second and a real snoop at heart. Even with this she is never sure why her best friend quit speaking to her five years ago. When Claire sees her at a local bakery, she decides that she is not going to ignore the opportunity to make a impact. She wants her friend Lydia to know that she is fine without her and makes sure she stops to tell her hello.  Lydia later calls her and tells her she has a problem and that Claire is the only one she can trust. Claire decides this is an opportunity to get to the bottom of the rift and agrees to meet Lydia at her home.
  When Claire shows up she finds Lydia dead. While all the signs seem to point to suicide, Claire is not convinced. She is determined to not only find what really created the rift between them but also what really occurred. She does not believe that Lydia would ask for her help if her plan included such an ending.
  What I find fascinating about this book is that it portrays the real thought provoking processes that sometimes intrude and cause friendships to erode.  Claire is a tenacious Ex-friend determined to find the truth. What she finds is that sometimes facts are stranger then fiction and the people you think you know, you do not really know at all.  There are several false starts and Claire defiantly jumps into the fray without thinking, putting herself in harms way. If you like cozy mysteries this will be a book you will want to add to your library.

Rating 4/5


Petula said...

That sounds interesting. I'm always drawn to books when they have some similarities to my life or people I know. Great review.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

This book sounds compelling...a friendship issue that turns to a murder. Wow!

I had to stop by, after you visited my Creations blog and gave such a great comment.