Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jean Jonson 'Sons of Destiny' Series

          If you are having a casual day or just need some fun, search no further then Jean Johnson and her Sons of Destiny Series. Any of these books are worth a look when just wanting to have a fun day in the sun or sitting in front of a fire when it is chilly. There is romance, magic and danger, with just a twist of humor. Jean has lent her characters a great sense of fun as well as an innate sense of fair play. These are feel good books and hard to put down once started. If you are like me, having found something I enjoy I try to find everything possible by the author. The books are written in progression but each is also complete on its own and is still quite bewitching. I think this author has a fresh touch and can create some sizzle, whether this is with the love scenes, the adventure or the magic inherent in her characters you are sure to have a fun and relaxing afternoon or evening in store. 

Rated 3/5

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Rebecca Glenn said...


You left a comment at my blog, The Book Frog, then deleted it for some reason.

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Jules@OneBookShy said...


I also found you on Book Blogs and am following you as well. Come by mine at and let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend,

Rebecca said...

I loved this series, i read it exactly a year ago. They were quite steamy!