Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Mothers's Day Murder by Lee Harris

Christine Bennett is understandably mortified and upset when a young woman shows up at her door claiming to be the daughter of her best friend. It is absolutely out of the question for this to be a possibility. So what does she want and what is she looking for? Christine agrees to hear her out and to find out why this young woman has chosen to claim Sister Joseph as her mother. Christine has a special stake in this as she is a former nun at St. Stephen's Parish. As Christine begins to ask questions she also starts to realize that the possibility could exist that the young woman's story could hold some truths. When Christine questions her, she tells Christine that she is afraid, that Sister Joseph is acting differently and she does not know what to do. Sister Joseph has realized that the young woman knows of her parentage and does not want it to get out. Christine ponders this information but before she can decide what she will do the young woman turns up murdered. As the investigator Christine has a dilemma, she is not comfortable prying into her friend past but has no choice. As she follows the twists and turns of this case, can she save Sister Joseph and her reputation. What is the truth and why was sister Joseph in the area on the night in question?  Christine is determined to find out the truth.
  This is a fun read. It follows the trail of adoption and the hidden curves that often occur. Sister Joseph is much loved and the content keeps you guessing to the end. Is she innocent of not only the murder but also of giving birth 20 years previously? And how does Christine look into such private matters and still maintain her friendship? You will thoroughly enjoy this book and its cast of characters. It is a great mystery and also tugs at the heart of friendship. Enjoy.

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Melissa said...

Hi Leslie!
I saw your link of BookBlogs! You have a neat blog here, thanks for sharing it! I also have a book website, If you review a book that you think is a clean read, we'd love to hear about it! Happy Reading!

Linda said...

This one sounds really good. I think I will have to find this one.
Thank you for stopping by Bookvisions.

TheBookGirl said...

I found your blog through Blog Hop Friday (my first time)

I had never heard about this mystery series before, but it sounds good!