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Crown of Crystal Flame by C.L.Wilson

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In this fifth and final book of C. L. Wilson's Tairen Soul series, an "epic tale of magic, passion and destiny", she has not held anything back. It is exciting and passionate, full of danger and amazing magic, with passion that is both tender and yet scalding. It is heartfelt and bold and extremely beautiful, keeping you on a razor's edge, with baited breath awaiting the answer: Will light win over darkness? You will find that final answer in this exciting ending.

In this final saga, Ellysetta Baristani finally understands the darkness that she carries, deep inside and hard to find, but there all the same. Having already won the love of Rain, the Fey King and having saved the tairen, she has been marked by the evil mage; he is close to owning her soul. As the final battle of Eld begins, will evil win or will Ellysetta overcome the darkness and embrace the light? Will evil finally be defeated and Ellysetta be set free, to live and love, free of the demons of darkness, that pursue her?

I began this story at a disadvantage as I had not read any of the other books leading up to this final chapter. What I truly enjoyed about this was that while it took me a short time to decipher the characters and the background, once I got through the first chapter, I was enthralled. C. L. Wilson took this final story and weaved it around and about all the previous stories, making it one to stand on its own. While I will seek out the other books because the story is ingenious, it is not necessary in order to read and enjoy the final outcome, including the romance and interplay in CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME.

The interaction between Ellysetta and Rain, her love and lover, is magnetic and hot. It is tender and heart whelming, making you yearn for the same type of relationship. There is honesty and trust, with an electrical charge that heats up the pages. With all the flames between them, the edges of the pages should be burnt.

The story is also fun and full of excitement, as well as danger and death. It has all the drama of an epic fantasy, with both the beauty and the depravity of the times it is set in. If you have not read this book or any of this series by C.L Wilson, you are in for a surprise. It is fast paced and smooth, but adds that jangle to your nerves, holding you in suspense. You will not put it down once you get caught up with the characters and story, it will hold you till the very last page.

Rating 5/5

The Crown of the Crystal Flame

This book was received as a free downoad from Net Galley. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the information.

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