Monday, January 31, 2011

Split by J.J. Westendarp

Erika has been abandoned by her family, left on her own to survive or founder. Either way, they could not care less. She has an odd ability, something that makes her different, and they are not prepared to deal with it. Being on her own has only made her more determined and ferocious than ever. She is a hunter of vampires, and yet she does not understand her own power. She is found by Mitch, also a hunter, and he determines that she needs his training. She is willing to learn but has a difficult time taking direction, or even trusting. When Mitch decides he needs help with her training and brings in Adonis, her life takes on a direction that none of them can conceive of .

Erika is a lonely young woman, abandoned by the very people that should love her. She finds it difficult to trust, and yet she knows that she needs help. Mitch is a strong and thoughtful person, he has seen her wounds and understands the damage that has been inflicted. He cares about her as a person, but he also wants to help her gain strength to protect herself in her profession.

Adonis is an unknown. She is not sure what she thinks of him, and yet he is willing to help. She struggles with his willingness, no one else has been so available to her. When Mitch disappears, Adonis is there to help her succeed. She needs his help to find Mitch, and discover the answers to her strange power.
Will he be the one who can help her? Can she find her calling, and overcome the nightmares in her life?

J.J. Westendarp has the knack of building a strong heroine, and surrounding them with interesting side kicks. He builds a strong story, full of danger and surprises. This Novella is just another vehicle for his wonderful imagination.

A Novella of enjoyable proportions. Fast paced and delightful.

Rating 4/5

This download was received free from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the information.


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