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We Interrupt This Date By LC Evans

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L.C. Evans has written a fun and satisfying story about a family and their interactions, especially those when a marriage has dissolved. From the busybody comfort of a mother to the drama and well-meaning advice of friends, this story takes you on a journey, one of finding yourself.

Susan Caraway has been dumped by her husband after 19 years, and she is not sure what to do with herself. Her son is off to college, she's got to keep the house, but she had a great deal of difficulty finding a job after so many years of being off the market. When she finally does find one, it is at a pawnshop doing the books and it's barely enough to keep her afloat. She is terribly unhappy there, but with the economy, jobs are extremely scarce, and with no background, she does not have the skill required for many jobs that she has seen that sound interesting.

Her Mama is very involved in her life and is constantly trying to set her up with a new man. She is very opinionated and domineering. She has two Chihuahuas that are her constant companions and go with her everywhere. She is very disapproving of Susan and the fact that her husband left her. She is convinced that she knows best and Susan has always been there willing to help and step in for anything.

Her younger sister's boyfriend had just dumped her, and she has nowhere to go. Because Susan has always been the one to fix things and take care of problems, she moves herself into Susan's home with her baby, as well as a large, undisciplined puppy.

Susan finds herself putting her life on hold once again. When she runs into an old friend from school, Jack Maxwell, her world turns topsy-turvy. She has had a crush on him for years, but has only ever been his friend. Those few times when opportunity presented itself, she found herself knee deep in family issues. Will she find happiness again?

Susan is very immersed in her family and has a victim persona. She has lived for years with a man that she did not love and never took the time for herself, as she was always doing things for others. When she is divorced and on her own, she continues in the same vein, putting her own wants and life on hold for the others in her life. She is a fun and bright person, takes control even when it may not be needed. However, because she has always been available in every way to her family, they take advantage in every way.

When she sees Jack again, she remembers her feelings about him very well. She had always had a strong attraction to him and yet they had only once tried to progress beyond friendship. She had been stunned by his kisses, but he did not seem to have the same feeling,. She has always carried a torch, but they had always maintained their friendship even though they had not seen each other for years.

Jack is a handsome and brooding man, and also very attracted to Susan. He had been used to being put aside for her family and after several episodes of broken dates, settled for becoming her friend. But when they are together the sparks fly, and the looks thrill. It is obvious that there is feeling and they both fight it, unwilling to bend. Susan no longer has the nerve, afraid of being rejected, and Jack continues to have to take the back seat.

Will they find the common ground to bring them together, or will they be doomed to live life as it was dealt?

L.C Evans has written a tale of love and family, very similar to those you run across every where. She has sprinkled it with characters that are fun and frivolous. She has scattered a few eccentrics and made a fun and romantic read. You will enjoy the play and interaction of these characters.

Rating 4/5
We Interrupt This Date

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Sounds like a fun, cute read. Glad to see you enjoyed it :)

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