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Karma and Melodies by Katie Salidas

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Katie Salidas is a writer that finds the places in your heart that create heat and passion. She is a strong voice in the Vampire Genre, one could say a speaker of the dead. In her usual way, she has given us that unique young man that tugs at your heart strings, the one you always remember. She sets her stage with strong female characters, and in KARMA AND MELODIES, she has also brought the music. This is a dark novel as most vampire stories are, but she brings humor and lightness with her witty prose. This is a fun tale of everlasting love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The music scene was always Kendra's passion; it was when she was visiting her favorite hangout that she first met her Master. The vampire that turned her and now controlled her. But it was also at this same hangout that she met whom she thought was the man of her dreams, an up and coming musician just making the scene.

Escaping her master, she finds herself back in that place, a homecoming she did not expect. The band has gained notoriety and packs in a crowd. Even with her blood lust, she finds herself drawn to Marcus as he sings his song of love and loss. The heat of the crowd and the smell of blood almost distracted her, but like any fan, she is lost in the music and the idolatry of the man himself. Knowing she must leave before her need begins, she leaves the club to seek a place to spend the night.

Crossing the road to find the darker shadows, she is unaware of the car bearing down on her. The impact is brutal and weakens her body and resolve. Knowing she needs blood to rebuild her strength, she goes to the closest source, the driver of the vehicle. Little does she know until it is too late that the driver is Marcus, the man of her dreams. She has now become his Master.

This not only creates issues with his band mates, but her own Master has been seeking her and she is well aware that he will make an example of her rebelliousness. Every one of the band is now in danger. She has to trust them with her secret to keep them all safe, and because of this, there is a lack of trust, but certainly, something expected. Can she keep them from harm, as the Master tracks her and prepares to teach her a lesson? A lesson that does not allow love or friendship?

Kendra is a young woman turned by an unsavory and unscrupulous vampire to become his toy. Forced to do unspeakable acts time after time, she finally escapes his madness. Yet she belongs to him, she is still considered young in vampire years and she does not have the strength to stand up to him. But her love for Marcus has apparently never wavered. She had always loved him, and when they met again, that attraction was still there. But how would she know if he truly cared about her now? He is enthralled because in order to save him she has had to share her blood. Would she really ever know if he cared?

Marcus is enamored of Kendra. Even though she may not believe it, he remembers her from the club scene from years ago. All of his songs of love and loss are written with her in mind. She disappeared one night never to be seen again. He lost his opportunity with her and he felt as though there would never be another. Can he convince her that it is love, and can he save her from the very presence that took her from him in the first place?
This is an earthy and fun vampire story set in the music world. Fast paced, the story leads you on a merry chase. The interplay is both disturbing and at times quite funny. When push comes to shove though, all the band members line up behind Kendra, just as it should be. If you like vampire lore and stories of romance, you will enjoy this book.

Rating 4/5
Karma and Melodies

This book was received as a free download from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.
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Katie Salidas said...

Thank you so much for reading and for writing up such a wonderful review. It always brings a smile to my face to see others enjoying my work. *hugs*