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Passing Whispers by Lisa Ann Vance

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In PASSING WHISPERS, Lisa Ann Vance has taken one of the most heartbreaking things imaginable—the murder of a loved one—and found just the right touch to help our heroine move on. The story is enchanting and full of wonder, with a new love well within reach. If the one you loved came back and helped you through the pain and grief, would it be any easier? And if it were, how would you let go another time?

Endel Sorra, a police detective, is on his way home when a stop for coffee creamer at a local store puts him in the middle of a robbery. The young man doing the robbery panics and Endel is murdered, leaving Kate a young grieving widow. She is uncaring and unfeeling, just doing her job to get by. Life no longer has meaning and it is hard to make it through each day.

When Kate finds a snow globe that Endel gave her their first Christmas, little does she know that a miracle will happen. Endel begins to show up and Kate is initially skeptical, feeling that she has finally gone over the deep end. However, Endel too needs closure, and he needs to make sure that Kate will go on without him.

One of Kate's coworkers, Brian Morris is the only male member of the staff. A social worker at the community center, he is kind, resourceful, and full of fun. But even his antics cannot help Kate through her pain.

With the entrance of Endel's ghost, Kate is beginning to feel again. While she knows she has probably lost it, she also needs this presence, this sense of belonging. Can she learn to live and love again? Endel's time is short; will she make it through a second loss?

Kate is a young woman feeling guilt and anger at losing her husband. Unaware that the anniversary of his death is coming up, a miracle happens as she finds the gift from their first anniversary. Initially feeling that she is seeing things, Endel convinces her he is back to help her heal. She is ecstatic and begins to believe again. As Endel slowly helps her to heal, she finds that her thoughts are beginning to turn to her friendship with Brian Morris. She feels guilt for liking him and yet she is encouraged to enjoy his company. She is torn; she is so in love with her husband it feels wrong to think of another man. Yet their friendship is slowly growing into more.

Brian has had feelings for Kate for some time. He is great with the kids and wonderful with the people he works with. Just being around Kate is enough for Brian most of the time, and he has no thought of things ever going further. She is healing from a devastating loss, and he is not sure she will ever come to terms with it. Not only does she hurt, she also blames herself for her husband's death. Brian knows that if he wants there to be anything between them, he must be there for her in every way. She needs a friend and he intends to be her choice.

Endel loved his wife more than life itself. When given the opportunity to help her, he returns to help her restart her life. He is not supposed to feel the same and yet he can still feel the love. He must help her to get past her grief and move on, but he loves her. Although he knows it is too late for them, he is not sure he can put her on the right path. He does not want to lose her again.

This is a wonderful love story which transgresses life itself. The love between Endel and Kate is burning and passionate, even in death. The new love she is finding with Brian is fresh and fragile. The antics are fun and as Kate begins to take her life back, life for her begins to change as well. Her thoughts are going through a metamorphosis, and she is finding out that forgiveness is also a part of love.

In PASSING WHISPERS, Lisa Ann Vance has put together a love for the ages. It is unselfish and strong. Can it be strong enough to help them all make the right decisions? Kate's recovery puts her back in touch with the people present or part of her husband's murder. Is she strong enough to survive? Ms Vance's characters are memorable and fun, a bit feisty and yet loving. They will hold your heart.

Rating 4/5
Passing Whispers

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