Friday, April 8, 2011

My Superhero Sister By Toni LoTempio

In the tradition of comic book heroes everywhere, Toni Lotempio has put together a fun and energetic young adult fiction dealing being an outcast in a family of superheroes. Holly Hamilton is a normal young teen and takes after her mother. Now many would not find this to be an issue, but Holly does not live in a normal family. Her father is Invincible Man, an incredible Super Hero. Again, this is kind of cool unless of course your sister takes after that side of the house. In her case, Ellen was the recipient of the super power genetics. Her super name is Suprema. Holly’s friend Mona thinks she is jealous of her sister, but Holly knows that is just ridiculous. I just does not seem fair that she does not have even a bit of superpower herself.

In school, she also has to compete with her sister who is also super cool, even without her powers. She is on the cheer squad, and well-liked by both the students and the teachers. Holly is not good with the same types of studies, but she does excel in science. During lunch, she notices that two new students have started at school. Eddie is kind of a geek but Holly’s friend Mona thinks he is dreamy. Holly on the other hand finds Tad the other new student to be quite attractive. He appears to be attracted to her sister Ellen.

When the family finds out that Anti Hero has escaped Space Station Prison, they are deeply concerned. Invincible Man was retired because during the capture of Anti Hero, he had lost most of his super powers. He had almost lost his life. When a new hero shows up, Holly wonders if it is possible that Anti Hero has found a new way to finish the job on her dad. Can she figure it out before it is too late? Can she, with her scientific mind be the one to save her family?

In My Super Hero Sister, Toni Lotempio has taken a normal family with all the interactions of any that you meet, and yet added another dimension with the super powers. There is sibling rivalry, and jealousy, and yet there is love and caring as well. Holly is a fun character, full of deviousness and energy. Her friend Molly is a great foil to her personality and brings out the devil in her.

Holly gets into all kinds of scrapes, and wants so much to be a part of everything. When she tries to find Magna Boy’s alter ego, she puts herself in danger. Can she find the answers in time to save her father and sister? Will she finally be the hero of the hour?

This would be a fun book for the young adult on your list. It is a cross between a novel and a comic book. It is fun and exciting with characters that have super powers. As usual, they are trying to save the world from evil. It is well done and quick paced. The conflicts and personalities feel like those you find in school and with friends. This is a nice and light read, with a twist of fun.

Rating 4/5
My Superhero Sister

This Book was received as a free download from the author. all opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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