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Christmas Lites, New Anthology, soon to be released and interview

The writing and blogging world is filled with people who really care about others. Many form bonds with the others they interact with. Groups and friendships develop, and it is within these confines that an exciting and giving idea was born. Numerous people got together, the authors agreeing to write short stories, the editors to fix them up just right, formatters doing the thing they need to do, and a cover artist putting together a great look, each with an idea to make something special, an ideal holiday book.

Now you might wonder. What’s the big deal?

One of the group moderators has given an interview to allow us to understand the thoughts and processes behind the book. The other two moderators of the group were just as involved in the work and all deserve a shout of thanks, and nice job. Please take the time to read this post in its entirety, and meet the special people that took time out of their already busy lives to make something that will bring joy to an untold number of people in the world.

Below, is the interview, the link to the  book cover reveal, a great book trailer, and the list of the wonderful people involved in the backstage of the work as well as those who have been involved in every facet. Please help us to thank them all and support their efforts. Your support also supports the charity, as well as our deployed troops overseas. So without further ado….. Take it away Cambria.

Thank you so much for having me here today to talk about Creative Reviews Project! Here are the quick STATS on the book:

My name: Cambria Hebert (one of the creative reviews moderator. Also an author)

Book Title: Christmas Lites (A Creative Reviews Short Story anthology)

Publication Date: November 26, 2011

Format: Print and Ebook

Available: Smashwords, Amazon and BN

How many authors have donated work for the anthology? How did you reach out to them?

We have 25 authors who have contributed to this anthology. Some of them, this is their first time being published others have other published works. We reached out to them through our Good Reads Group Creative Reviews. We also posted to Facebook and some of our group members posted to their blogs.

Besides authors, who else donated time or materials?

We have been fortunate because so many have helped us. Dafeenah Jameel of Indie Designz designed the front and back cover of the book and we had two other design contributors: Regina Wamba (she designed the little Christmas tree logo inside the book) and Fean Lee.

We had two editors: Amy Eye and Vered Ehsani and we had several proofreaders donate their time. Their names are: Tricia Kristufek, Cassie McCown and Alan Zendell.

Amy eye formatted the book.

Jenn Pringle has been our go between for the charity that we selected.

Myself (Cambria Hebert) made the book trailer and was the go between for the Ebook drop.

We have countless bloggers and group members who are helping to promote the book and get its name out there for sales as well.

How did you come up with the charity? The ebook is also being sent to soldiers, deployed throughout the world. Is this a regular event, or something put together for this venue?

We talked throughout the group about many charities and we all kept coming back to women and children so we decided within the group that the NCADV would be a good charity. NCADV stands for National Coalition against Domestic Violence. They do a lot of great work and are so deserving of this donation. To find out more about them please visit their site: . The free Ebooks for the troops was something that I wanted to do as my husband is a Marine and I know how much the troops go through in deployment. Everyone in the group thought that including them was a wonderful idea. Operation Ebook Drop is something that anyone can get involved in at any time during the year. It is not seasonal. I found them on Facebook. Basically, they give you a list of all the deployed troops that are requesting free books and you email them a coupon code for a free book. I think this is a wonderful way to give someone far from home something to escape into for a little while.

When is the books estimated time to be released for sale? Where will it be available for sale?

We are trying to have the book ready to go and for sale on November 26, 2011. That’s black Friday for all our US residents.  It will be available where all books are for sale. Amazon, smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

As an author yourself, did you find it difficult to find time for the project?

To be honest, yes. LOL. I have a lot of upcoming releases myself during the next two months and this project has been a lot of work. But I would do it all over again because it is for such a wonderful cause. I have been truly blessed this year and this is one way I can give a little of that back.

This is a wonderful thing for those in need. If successful do you think this will become a yearly program?

Hmmm. I’m not sure. I do think that if this is successful we will probably do it again. I think that it is a wonderful idea and a great way for our group to come together and help others.

List of authors and story titles:

Shane Stilson: Higher Ground

E.C. Stilson: How I Found My Soul Mate and Turkey Avenger

Vered Ehsani: Christmas Ghost

C.S. Splitter: Whimper

Phil Cantrill: Christmas Story

Brett Talley: Last Year’s Eggnog

Catherine Forbes: The Gateway Incident

Mark Koning: Sweet Child

Tricia Kristofek: Accidentally Gift Wrapped

Paige Kellerman: Christmas Disco

L. A.Wright: Star of Christmas

S. Patrick Pothier: The Road to Comfort

Cassie McCown: Mirror

Angel Armstead: All I want for Christmas

Ottilie Weber: ‘Tis the Holiday Spirit

Amy Eye: The Hunt

JA Clement: A Sprig of Holly

Richard Phelan: Memories of the Splendid Splinter

Mark Mackey: An Amy Harkstone Christmas

Lizzie Ford: Santa’s Ninja Elf

Nicholette Alexandr: Broken Glass

Mark Faulkner: Face

Cambria Hebert: The Perfect Ornament and Blank

Angela Yukiro-Smith: Only That Day Dawns

Mysti Parker: No title yet

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