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Nocturne by Syrie James

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In Nocturne, Syrie James has given us a poignant yet searing tale of forbidden love. From the beginning you are haunted by the longing and mystery of this pair of strangers as they overcome their fears and allow their passions to ignite. Set in the beautiful snowy mountains of the Northwest, you fall in love with the characters as well as the beauty. The mystery gently pulls you into the depth of secrecy and desire that finally springs forth into a raging inferno.

Heading Home from a ski trip, Nicole Whitcomb is not ready to give up the beauty of the mountains and snow. Yet she must, but finds herself the last to leave as she absorbs the beauty and freshness to hold in her memory. Waiting until the last minute she believes she will outdrive the storm that appears to be building. As the curtain of snow thickens, Nicole begins to realize she may have made a terrible error in judgment. Rounding a curve and hearing a horrific sound behind her, she realizes she has no choice but to move forward as her retreat has been cut off by an avalanche that has covered the road. As she realizes her danger she feels her control slipping away as her car plows into a snow bank, knocking her unconscious.

Michael Tyler has moved into the quiet country to be alone. With the equipment to keep his own property free of snow, he clears his road of the heavy slush and snow that begins to pile up during this latest storm. Seeing headlights where there should be none, he is unsure what he wants to do. All too quickly the decision is no longer his as he see the vehicle leave the road and almost bury itself under a snow bank. Knowing the road has now been closed and with no chance of rescue from the authorities or road crews, he must react. His surprise and dismay are apparent as he finds Nicole unconscious and realizes he must take her into his home until the roads are clear and she is able to recover enough to move on.

This bringing together of two people in the middle of nowhere, with no other humans present for miles creates an initial tenseness, that soon becomes an attraction, difficult to ignore.

The tensions build, yet there are secrets that Michael is not willing to share. As the passion and begins to weave its way in even the mildest of conversations, Nicole does not understand why Michael ignores the signs. She can feel his interest, but she can also sense a strange and foreboding secret that nips at her internal alarms. The heat level is exciting but the mystery is intriguing and yet terrifying at some level.

James has given us an incredibly sexy story set in the beauty of an unspoiled frozen tundra. The weather forms a barrier that brings in a dream like quality to the story, making it both haunting and exciting. The interplay of the characters is playful and yet sometimes hurtful as they continue to fight the flames of love and lust that begin to bloom and grow.

You will love this beautiful and mysterious story, full of love and longing, but with a passion that sizzles through the pages. The characters are bold and imaginative and our hero Michael is everything a woman looks for in a man, but just a bit more. What is the Secrect he is hiding? Why is he so elusive and why does he never eat, and rarely sleep? Be prepared for an old fashioned, burning love story with up to the minute suspense.

Rating 5/5

This book was received free through the authors publicist. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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