Friday, December 14, 2012

Conneticut Tragedy

As with others, I listened to the news, not understanding what I was actually hearing. Who would target young children in such a cowardly action. Who would take the lives of those who have just barely begun to live?

Unsure how to react I can only send my prayers and love to those who are in the middle of this unbelievable moment of madness and despair. The pain and fear suffered by those parents who had to wait to hear if their own child or loved one was safe had to be dreadful. The joy and relief on one hand, or the grief and disbelief on the other. How do you prepare for such a tragedy? There is no answer, because there is no conceivable reason to believe this could happen.

In the time of year where families draw closer, to have such an abrupt and unacceptable shooting take place and to target those who have offered the least offense to anyone, creates a heartbreak for the entire country and the world. The pain and fear of those affected will last a lifetime, for those present and the families of all that were there today. The world stood still for a moment, a breath of time, and in that instant many lives were changed forever.

Please send your love and prayers to those who are suffering and for those who were lost today. Mourn with those who lost everything they had planned for, for we have all lost something today in the midst of this tragedy.The joy of freedom is fickle and can be wiped away in a moment--today we had such a moment.

My condolences to the families to all of those affected. My prayers are with you all.


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