Monday, December 17, 2012

Linked by Emma Hill

You can never go back. One of the lessons we learn as we grow older is that even as we wish for the past, even returning to the roots we left there, we find change. Is it because the place has changed, or is it that as we get older, we outgrow the trappings of our former years and move on?  We do not always realize that home is where we make it, not in what once was.
In Linked by Emma Hill, we are transported to the life of Matt Clevene as he leaves his lavish business in England, and heads home to Australia to visit his uncle. Reminiscing about life as it has changed; his uncle shares the harrowing details in the death of his nephew a few years before. Hearing the details are tough, he has already lost both his parents and has finally let go of his anguish.  His foray to visit his uncle causes him further surprise as he soon realizes that along with the background information about his nephew’s death, he is realizing that his uncle was much closer to his mother than he imagined.
As he takes it all in, he also notices a new neighbor in the house next door. His uncle has only the best to report about the woman that lives there, but warns Matt that she is a recluse.  Something about her strikes his interest and he intends to meet her.  Ready to delve further into the mysteries and find out what he can about the past, he is stunned by the sudden death of his uncle.
As he waits for the autopsy, and tries to make sense of the tangles of life that have closed around the bowels of his family, he finally meets the neighbor Sarah. As elusive as his uncle described, he is smitten. Every step of the way he makes the wrong turn, and within a very short time, his business is under scrutiny and close to being closed, and people around him are beginning to die. There is something at play that he does not understand, but can he find the secret before it is too late?
Hill has given us an interesting mystery with just a hint of paranormal.  While it does not come into play in this work, we have an inkling of something that is happening that we are not privy too.  The first of a series, there is an interesting plot in play that makes you want to hear more. Both a romance and a mystery, the story is interesting.
The interplay between characters however is rather stiff at the beginning, and while some of the characters come through clearly, the development could use just a bit more on the others. Beginning somewhat slowly the story broke through and the interest ratcheted up, creating a stronger interest.  The romance between Matt and Sarah was stilted, but it may well have been planned that way. The author has set it up neatly to continue on to the second of a series, but I felt a bit let down as the story wound down.
The work is interesting, and with further development could be a strong and fun series. If you enjoy romantic mystery and light reading this will fill the bill.  
Rating 3/5
This book was received from the marketing assistant. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the information.

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