Saturday, May 16, 2015

Killer, Come HIther by Louis Begley

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'Killer, come Hither,' An Action Filled Mystery by Louis Begley.

Crossroads and decisions in life create a portrait of who we become. They help us to develop and grow. The reasons for those decisions are often necessary, yet at times enough thought does not go into the choice. How those resolves shape us is different for everyone.

In Killer, Come Hither by Louis Begley we are introduced to Jack Dana, an avid student from Yale with an amazing future ahead of him. When 9/11 happens, he makes a decision to join the military, to bring safety back to his country.  Injured by a snipers bullet, he begins writing as he heals at the Walter Reed Hospital. His uncle is an attorney and with his connections, Jack's work is published. A surrogate father figure he means a great deal to Jack.  With Jack's work becoming successful, he has much to be grateful for.

During a three month sojourn to South America, Jack learns that his beloved uncle is dead, clearly suicide by hanging. Jack does not believe the verdict and begins digging with the help of his uncle’s associate Kerry black and a college friend Scott Prentice who now works with the CIA. When Jack discovers the truth he knows that honesty may not prevail, for a great deal of money and power is involved. Can he bring the killers to justice as they deserve, or must his rogue tendencies be the executor of their integrity.

Begley develops a great persona for Jack, he is sharp, vulnerable, and bold, an eclectic mix of differences that make him at once flawed, but both honest and courageous.  Kerry is a great addition to bring out the softer side and she also adds a tenseness that grips you.  The knowledge and power of Jack's friend Scott Prentice brings it all together into an intriguing yet painful mystery.

This is a deep look at morality and morals. Can money create that feeling of being above the law. There is a certain incredulity of feeling as you wonder if politics and wealth could really create such a horrifying ending for a man who did so many things right. Begley does a great job of making you feel as though you are looking at true occurrences.

If you enjoy mystery and suspense you will find this the work for your library. Begley takes you to a place that is uncomfortable. Be prepared to spend some time on this work for you will have difficulty putting it down. His characters stay with you in the end.

Rating 4/5

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