Thursday, May 28, 2015

Link by D.A. Karr

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'Link', A Science Fiction Novel by D.A.Karr.

D.A Karr takes us deep into the future in Link, a science fiction dealing with both time travel and artificial intelligence. In a work of deep space war, survival is always the concern.

When Captain John Garrick and his ship the Phoenix gets caught up in the time war, he realizes that even his best laid plans are not enough.  Having helped evolve an artificial intelligence aboard his craft, he finds that technology can also become the enemy. He is not the average Captain; he doesn’t always play by the rules.  He understand the fate of war, you kill or prepare to be killed.

Can he save his team and prepare for this fight to the finish.  How does he move forward without losing his friends and colleagues?

Karr does a great job of putting you in the ship with Captain Garrick and his crew. He has created a team of individuals who have a strong respect for each other, even though they do not understand all the motives and personalities. They just know that there is not a one of them that does not have the others back, including their captain. 

Garrick has created an artificial intelligence that seems as human as possible in the circumstances, and yet there is something both wild and rogue about the actions during differing situations.  You are intrigued by the contrast of personalities that seem to emit from such a being and yet enthralled at the same time.

The battles and enemies are well done and seem very real. If you enjoy science fiction and action, as well as time jumping and war you will find this an interesting read. Karr takes you into battle in the future and does a great job of making you feel a part of his story.

Rating 3/5

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