Wednesday, November 4, 2015

All The Stars In The Heavens by Adriana Tirgiani

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'All The Stars In The Heavens', A Novel by Adriana Trigiani, Author of The Shoemakers Wife

The lights of Hollywood shine brightly for those who are lured into the drama and dream of movies and T.V.  In All The Stars In The Heavens by Adriana Trigiani, we are taken back into the glamour of Tinseltown as old Hollywood was known at the time. Also called the golden age, it was a time of glamour, beauty, tragedy, and dreams.

Trigiana gives us a riveting tale based on a true story, filling it with romance, adventure and family. Her writing takes you into the romance and secrets that thrived in the 1930’s and 40’s. She weaves her own remarkable storytelling around a true Hollywood story and holds you enthralled as she fills in the unforgettable faces creating the mysterious and magical moments behind the scenes of the movies during this powerful and dramatic time in the history of cinema.

We are introduced to a young Loretta Young, a woman who held the hearts of Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable. She was a spirited and beautiful woman with high standards and great family values. You are taken on a journey as she tries to find her way, and drawn into the romance of the major stars of her life. There is a beauty and poignancy that threads throughout, and you are drawn to the characters as though they are new. For in a way, with Tirgiani’s telling we learn more of their background and circumstances, while the rumors continue as they did at the time, the beauty, betrayal and pain are brought to stark relief in this wondrous work of magic.

If only one could make a movie of the tale of romance and secrets that grace this work, a story of pain and grief, but riddled with beauty, friendships, family and fun. The innuendo and gossip about the stars involved between the chapters is sorted and categorized, labeled and then just thrown out, as the beauty of the romance is more real and in depth then the shallowness of the gossip columns of the day.

This is a work of intense feeling and the risks involved in becoming a face to the public. Always on show the actors are careful to stay out of the limelight and yet sometimes that burst of lightening awareness shines through the crust, taking you into a world of love, yet one that must remain undeclared.

If you enjoy drama and romance, stories of passion and intrigue based off true beginnings you will find the Adriana Trigiani has delivered once again in her bold style. This would be a remarkable book for your library or a wonderful gift for your fan of old movies and movie stars.

Rating 5/5

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