Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Chair, Exploring Damages by Emma Jayne Gray

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'The Chair, Exploring The Damages,' by Emma Jayne Gray.

The Chair, Exploring the Damages by Emma Jayne Gray is a self-help work that gives you insight and ideas to help you become who you want to be.  Using the venue of the Chair, something so normal and easy to visualize she takes you into thought and ideas of change, using the shape and patterns of the chair as a point to help us to visualize how by changing the colors or patterns on the chair the changes emerge as we create that understanding.

She then ties in numerous other techniques and ideas, differing ways to change disappointment, or sadness, and a variety options to change the toxicity of hurt and anger, as well as depression as it tries to keep you from living a life more fulfilling.

Using the chair as a means of describing our ego or personality, she gives that solid item that is recognizable to all, but that is also different and changeable to reflect our own personal spaces. It is often difficult to move forward with depression, and while we can share the feeling, the thoughts are often confusing. No one else has the ability to see or feel the pain and insecurities inside us. Even if they were to understand, they cannot change what is within, only you are able to affect that change.

Gray takes some of her own experiences and gives us insight as to what she found works, and feels that each individual is capable of being more then what they are. She believes that if one can just turn on their internal light, that they will receive incredible rewards.  She discusses the de- dramatization and the use of perspective, using meditation, yoga and Tai Chi, as well as spirituality and physical movement and exercise. 

You will find this an interesting read, and even find some great ideas that would be instructive in numerous situations.

If you like self-help, and would like some ideas or direction to move forward, you would find this full of differing ideas. Self- help books seem all the rage these days, and I believe that Emma Jayne Gray has given us something just a bit different.

Rating 4/5

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Rose Rosetree said...

Thank you for this insightful review.

You really show the special excellence of this book, including the author's wonderful concept.

I think this review reflects well on author and reviewer alike, making me curious... and also grateful.