Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kowloon Bay, An Abby Kane Thriller by Ty Hutchinson

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In Kowloon Bay by Ty Hutchinson we catch up to Abby Kane one more time as she  continues her work with the FBI. Having lost her husband, and moving her family to San Francisco, to start over, she has finally settled into a routine. Three years have passed and she feels that she has found an even keel.

Returning to her homeland for a holiday, and to help her children learn more about their own Chinese heritage and their father, she is pulled into a consult with the agent who took her place when she left.  They have found a body when renovating a building and as Abby learns more of the history behind the building, she finds her deceased husband's family may well be entwined in the background and that they may well have a secret that makes her question everything she thought she knew.

Now even her Mother-in- Law, who she has finally become close too is acting in a strange and secretive way, and Abby is concerned. Is there a possibility that her own family is somehow involved in covering up a murder?  Abby must find a way to unearth the secrets and lock down the real stories and motives to a murder that occurred in the past.

Can she find the truth behind the dead body before it affect her own family. She know that sometimes the truth is not always acceptable, but could her judgement of human nature be so off, could her deceased husband be responsible for something as reprehensible as murder. She doesn’t believe so, but with her Mother-In-Law acting in such a strange manner she is no longer sure of her own beliefs.

Will she find the truth of the matter and with that truth set her free. Can she save the reputation of the man she loved, and the family that is now her own?

Hutchinson delivers another mystery, and Abby is as strong as usual. She is not as sure of herself now thought, as the outcome of her sleuthing could well be the end of her family’s reputation. Through Abby’s exploration of facts and her travels we see China as she sees it, a place of beauty and mystery, but capable as any of danger and brutality.

If you enjoy mystery and thrillers, you will find Abby Kane a strong character. This would be a good book for your library and have you searching for more of her exploits.

Rating 4/5

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