Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lodestone (Book One: The Sea of Storms)

Welcome to the world of the Kelanni. The land is ruled by the "Prophet" an interloper known as Unan-Chinneroth, or without a tail. His rule is carried out by the Keltar, those who can use the lodestone found in the desert of the planet to control the Kelanni. Each turn, a group of Kelanni are chosen by the Prophet to serve. They are housed in the desert where they live and die mining the Lodestone. Families are torn apart during this ritual, mother and fathers lost, children taken, and never seen or heard from again.
Oppression often breeds dissent where we then meet a group of unlikely heroes. Lyall and Aldona are all that is left from an uprising 11 years prior to this story.  As Lyall tries to free as many of the tributes (as the chosen are called) as he can, he runs into problems with the Keltar. He is rescued by an unlikely ally and young girl named Shann who has lost her family to the Prophet's chosen . Because she intervened she is now hunted along with Lyall, also known as the pretender as he is able to use the lodestone as well. They make plans to rescue the tributes and set out with their other compatriot a young musician.
A Keltar, Keris, next in line to replace her master is set on their course. She is incapacitated by a perridon and injured severely sure she will not see another day meant as meal for the perridon. She is rescued at the last minute by the Chandara, creatures thought to be  myth. As they heal her they also share with her a communication from another Kellani, from the distant past. This information was secreted with the Chandra due to their long life spans and was intended to warn the future Kellani of the distinction of their race at the hands of the Unan-Chinneroth. Keris is appalled and chooses to save the Kellani, beginning first with the ragtag group of heroes trying to run their own interference. So begins their journey and their peril fraught with danger, excitement and yes some stubborn annoyance.

This is a fast paced and drag you along for the ride fantasy. I was breathless at points cheering the action and frustrated at times when the characters showed their flaws. A wonderful cast of characters annoying at times and alternately heroic at others. The mix of characters play well off each other, they make you want to cheer or in some cases box their ears. The story is easy to get into and the book hard to put down. I am looking forward to the next installment. I believe that Mark Whiteway has put together a world that is both dangerous and ingenious. The Characters are rich and bold with both flaws and  great courage. A great read.

Rating 5/5

This Review is based off a book obtained from the author. I am not receiving any compensation and all opinions are my own based of my independent reading of this material.


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