Saturday, March 12, 2011

Turned: Book # 1 in the Vampire Journals by Morgan Rice

Caitlin Paine was not sure why she always seemed to stand out, there was nothing about her size or her looks that made her different and yet there was something that made people look twice. Starting in a new school and starting at midterm made this even more noticeable. Usually she could skate by and be inconspicuous as possible, but now there was no way. Making her way to class and going through the scanner, she is again noticed and pulled aside. Her necklace set off the scanner, a cross that she had always worn.

The one person in school that did not treat her differently was Jonah, a nice young man often made fun of by the other students. Fighting to find a space in the cafeteria for lunch was nauseating, and after trying for some time without success to find a seat she finally found one in the very back so she could be by herself. Things were so much different for her little brother Sam; he made friends and fit in no matter where they were. At school, she remains a bit of a loner, except for Jonah. She finds that his love and his pride and joy are his violin. Music is his life.

After her initial first day and her nausea, she just does not feel right, everything is wrong, and she feels odd. After heading for home, feeling hot and uncomfortable, she sees a few of the bullies from school picking on some one. She is not able to see the victim and stays in the shadows to avoid problems. When the bullies clear, she sees a violin busted into pieces and Jonah beaten and bruised, unable to move. Something comes over her, a rage with no control. Her body begins to react on its own, the rage becomes all-powerful, she becomes stronger, and more than whom she is. Letting out a primal roar as she attacks, she breaks the first attacker’s wrist. The second attacker comes at her but her body moves at speeds and angles she cannot comprehend and both feet hit his chest knocking him into the trashcans where he does not move again. Who is she and what has just happened?

In Turned, by Morgan Rice, she has built a story of differences. Caitlin has just found she is far different than she ever imagined. How has this happened and what does it all mean? As she continues through school and finds strange and painful changes happening to her, she does not know where to turn. The pain begins to cause further sensations, sensations of hunger. Her vision changes and she can see the pulse in her friend Jonah’s throat.

As Caitlin fights to find the answers, she only finds more questions. Soon a body is found drained of blood, and Caitlin knows she is responsible. Now there are others looking for her as well. Her family is falling apart and she no longer understands her life.

This is a fast-paced story about youth and changes. While I found that as the story progressed and built on its theme, the beginning began entirely without enough depth or explanation. The story is good, a solid foundation, but I would have found it more believable and interesting with a more substantial build up, the powers came on too quickly and too unbelievably. Even with that, the story is good, with strong potential. The book gains speed and agility as the characters begin to build and Caitlin will make a great protagonist. This is a good twist on the usual vampire story, with a unique ending.

Rating 3/5

This book was recieved as a free e-book from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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