Friday, August 13, 2010

Future Imperfect (Book One) Crucifying Angel by PI Barrington

Set in futuristic Vegas, we find that "Sin City" has lost none of its debauchery and in fact has only added to the reputation that anything goes. When Payce Halligan is assigned a new partner she is understandably horrified, working alone has created a bubble where she is not responsible for the life or death of someone close in her work. After being responsible for the death of her prior partner and love she has hardened her heart and does not plan on changing that any time soon.  However, since she does answer to the head of the
Las Vegas Police Department she gets no choice in the matter.
 Her newly assigned partner Gavin McAllister is a good looking trainee with a faint British accent. He is an addition to her work she is not sure she is ready for.
When they are called out to three separate crime scenes, all with the same M.O. they find themselves on the path of a fanatical serial killer. Each of the victims is a young woman, hung upside down and crucified, left to bleed out and with initials carved into their bodies. The ritualistic killing makes Payce think of the Amazon Casino where Costumes are still used so this is where their investigation begins. Little do Payce and Gavin know that they are about to become the hunted in this bizarre fantasy being followed by a madman.

PI Barrington brings to life a very real future. Her characters are very likable and have a great sense of humor even in the dire situations that they find themselves. The story is fast paced and hard to put down, move over J.D Robb, here comes another look at the future. A gritty Las Vegas is an exceptional setting and P.I Barrington has a knack of making you feel like you are there. This is a great book to add to your library, you will love the interplay. I can't wait for the second installment.

Rating 4/5

This Review is based off a book obtained from the author. I am not receiving any compensation and all opinions are my own based off my independent reading of this material.


Ashley said...

I enjoyed this book as well. Am reading the next in the series now :)

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That sounds very good! I would love to read that one; right up my alley. Gotta keep my eyes out for it.

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Wow..this sounds interesting, and I probably never would have known about it as I don't usually read this type of book.

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