Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Seventh Compass Point of Death by Richard Sanders

The Seventh Compass Point of Death begins with an unlikely coincidence during the course of a bank robbery. During the robbery, Lomax is separated from his partner when he is shot by an off duty cop. He is cut off from their escape vehicle by the arrival of police and escapes into traffic. Knowing he must have a vehicle in order to make his escape he steps into traffic looking for an easy target. He finally sees a car with only one person, a rag head as he calls him and when the driver is not fast enough to respond, blasted out the window with his gun. He pulled the driver out and took off as the driver continued to yell no, no, you don't........As Lomax tries to escape his fate, he finds a full battalion of cop cars in front of him. After pulling him out of the car, during their search they find the body. Lomax has no idea.....
Enter Quinn McShane, current gig, news reporter, prior gig police investigator. There is a story on the body but not much information other then the victim being an Afghan immigrant, Leader of the Islamic Civic organization and The Sunni Community Council of Astoria. So while it was a story there were better stories all over the city. Quinn took a pass.
A few day later Quinn receives a call from Shala Kavay, he had done a story on her several years earlier when her paintings were part of a anti-war exhibit. It turns out that she remembered that Quinn used to be an inspector, she felt that her brother needed his help. He had just been picked up and questioned in the death of Aarif Raheem, the body found in the car. Turns out he now has a Pakistani girlfriend and has immersed himself  in a group called the Flushing Islamic Brotherhood or FIB.
Quinn goes undercover to find the murderer, and uncovers a Terrorist plot that is being watched by a government agency know as the Tog. As Quinn goes deeper undercover he find himself running for his life, hunted by both sides. Will he be able to keep Shala's brother safe, uncover the terrorist plot and keep himself alive.  A fast paced story of greed, terror and murder.
I found this a great story line, the plot is good and the story believable.  I had trouble with the writing style, rapid, staccato type prose, that was difficult in the beginning. Not the smooth, flowing style of many authors. After reading and getting immersed in the story the writing style began to fit the flow of the story which was at times terse and unforgiving. A story that reflects the current events of today.

Rating 3 1/2/5

This Review is based off a book obtained from the author. I am not receiving any compensation and all opinions are my own based of my independent reading of this material.

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Petula said...

That does sound like a good read. Intriguing and one the reader has to pay attention to. My eyes got big when you said there was a dead body in that car. Cool. :-D