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Afraid of the Dark By Games Grippando

Article first published as Book Review: Afraid of the Dark by James Grippando on Blogcritics.

Withdrawing as counsel on the case for Jamal Wakefield seems to be the only avenue Jack Swyteck feels comfortable with. His boss Neil is not so sure. Jack does not have all the information, and Neil makes him a deal. They will put Jamal through a lie detector and if Jack still feels the same way then Neil will take the case himself.

Jack’s problem with Jamal is the the crime he is being tried for. The accusation consists of him murdering his girlfriend McKenna, the daughter of Chuck Mays. It is during this murder that a friend of both Chuck and Jack is injured. Sergeant Vince Paulo is the officer on the scene, and as he clears the property looking for the murderer, there is an explosion nearly killing him, but taking his eyesight instead. To make matters worse, May’s wife disappears a short time later, a possible victim of suicide.

Having recently broken up with McKenna, the evidence is overwhelming. Secure in knowing that Jamal will not be able to pass the test he agrees to go forward. He is therefore unnerved when Jamal not only passes the lie detector test but also has a story to tell. This is a story that will take Jack to on a journey to the back stages of London and bring him into contact with an evil presence calling himself the dark. His presence as Jamal’s attorney also puts his wife Andie, an undercover operative for the government in grave danger.

In Afraid of the Dark, James Grippando has characterized an evil both chilling and bold. The Dark is a disturbing and well-named adversary. Jack is a charismatic character full of fun and passion, caring about his friends and family as well as those he represents in the legal system. Every move is leading him in a direction that puts all he holds dear in danger. As death begins to take its toll, Jack digs deeper into the unspoken secret facilities know as black houses only furthering his danger.

Grippando has set the stage on a fast paced, and gripping suspense novel, dealing with national security as well as homeland issues. He has peopled it with characters that are larger than life and quite believable. It is a story of darkness and yet one of discovery as well. The Dark is a great designation for the man with the power, capable and determined to protect his true name at all costs. Yet Jack is a worthy protagonist, even with a small glimmer of information, he takes the stage to bring him down.

I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a rapid paced, suspense-filled thriller. It is full of all the excitement and mayhem necessary in a classic whodunit, but brings in more of the homeland and national security issues common to the day. This would be a great book for your library, one to take and read time and time again. It would also be a good book for a reading club; the information would make great discussion fodder.

Rating 4/5

Afraid of the Dark

This book was received free from the publisher. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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The Digital Sea by Thomas Carpenter

Article first published as Book Review:The Digital Sea By Thomas Carpenter on Blogcritics.

In a futuristic world where the earth is slowly decaying, the digital sea is available to override the view of the decline. Not everyone is enthralled by the use of the digital sea; it can be manipulated in many ways and is now being engineered to create a war between Pakistan and India.

Zel Aurora is trying to live her life and take care of her daughter in the best way she knows how. As the shaking disease continues to consume the life of Liala, she decides it is time to see what the Djed wants from her. If the money she receives can save Liala further pain, it is time to go forward. She herself has a condition, a form of autism that does not allow her to see the obvious. She must rely on a program that is now a part of her, programed to read others thoughts. An integral part of her, known as Pandora it is virtually invisible to even the most updated technology. As she makes herself available, she finds that Djed needs her to find who is behind the manipulation of the digital sea.

In the Digital Sea, Thomas Carpenter has put together an extreme technological futuristic thriller. Fast paced, the action keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is important to follow the action closely because every part has a reason. The interplay is amazingly intricate. Because of the scope of the novel, the characters are numerous. Mr. Carpenter has put together an amazing group of characters, and tied them together with verve.

Initially some of the characters confused me, and yet without them the story would not have been the same. Carpenter developed each character fully making you feel for them, either liking them or disliking them, there was never a doubt. Well written, the descriptions of each character developed a picture in my mind. The technology is in depth, albeit a bit over my head. Some of the information seemed so advanced I struggled with it. Yet the story progressed in a fashion necessary to the plot.

It almost seemed as though several stories were going on at one time, yet the convergence was exactly as it should be.

I would recommend this story for the pure science fiction buff. Those who love technology will find this a fascinating read. The story is great but for me getting through the science was difficult. Thomas Carpenter is light years ahead, in a science fiction thriller set on earth. He has evolved the planet to the future and set the playing field in a game of chase sure to thrill science fiction fans all over.

Rating 4/5
The Digital Sea

This book was recieved as a free e-book from the author. All opinions are my own based of my reading and understanding of the material.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson by Jerome Charyn

Article first published as Book Review:The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson by Jerome Charyn on Blogcritics.
Shrouded in mystery, Emily Dickinson and her life have continued to be of interest to those enthralled with her writing. One of the great poets of our time, her life and times are of great interest. A private person, her life continues to hold a fascination. Who was she, the woman behind the writing?

In The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson, Jerome Charyn has written a novel that gives us a glimpse into the possibilities of her life. Using information as well as conjecture, we learn of a woman and her life, its tragedies and triumphs. She is born in a time that woman writers are just beginning to make a mark. Her work becomes known through a series of circumstance.

In a fascinating story told in bold and audacious fashion, Mr. Charyn has delved deep into the psyche of the woman behind the poet. He describes her escapades of the times as well as the problems she is known to have faced. Her relationship with her family and her own wild stunts are brought out in basic relief, a life described in a fashion to make her more human. We sometimes forget the actual humanity of those that rise above, whether is it their celebrity status or their wealth, and Charyn gives us that person behind the mask.

This is often a humorous and yet heartbreaking look at a woman who cut herself off from humanity as she aged. It is a look at her passions’ and her genius, often recognized more by those around her, more so then herself. Overcoming the disapproval of others including her beloved father to make a mark in writing, she is beleaguered by the objection of some of her peers. Her background and life come to stark reality. This is a realistic look at the woman behind the prose.

I would recommend this book as an in depth look at an extremely admirable woman. It is wonderfully written, full of characters that leap off the pages. Jerome Charyn has written about a woman who just happens to be famous, and yet this novel is intriguing without that distraction. Her poetry is secondary to the theme of this book. This is a look as the fragilities’ and vulnerabilities of any one person with the staunchness to overcome and stay true to their nature. This would be a wonderful addition for a book club or discussion group.

Jerome Charyn's Bio:

Jerome Charyn (born May 13, 1937) is an award-winning American author. With nearly 50 published works, Charyn has earned a long-standing reputation as an inventive and prolific chronicler of real and imagined American life. Michael Chabon calls him “one of the most important writers in American literature.”

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anyone Can Die By James Lepore

Anyone can die is a collection of easy to read and fast paced stories written with emotion, and depth. Each is imbued with the energy of the writer and creates a fascinating picture into the lives of the character, as though he gives them his very breath.

In Til Death Do Us Part, we meet a young couple newly married. Pat and Lorrie Nolan are in love, full of charm and character. On their honeymoon in New Mexico they are confronted by a group of locals, drunk and ignorant, just out for fun, but with an edge bordering on violence. Finding Lorrie in danger brings out the beast in Pat and as he protects her from two of the thugs, she in turn saves him from the third. The virulent emotion charged anger and aftermath builds a bond they could not imagine. A bond that would last til death.

In God's Warriors, James Lepore has introduced an unlikely heroine. On the surface Megan Nolan is strangely materialistic. Men are to be toyed with and keep her supplied with jewels. In the underbelly of the darkest sides of the City, she is altogether something else. She chooses her friends here for what they can do for her as well, but for a much darker and deeper reason. Friends with an old gypsy woman, she is somewhat unnerved to find she is being abused by her son. But that is not all he is guilty of. As a young girl is found in his possession, he is tried and found guilty. Disappearing into the black holes of the worst parts of the city, we find that this young girl now has a new life, and Megan--well Megan continues her life of luxury, high above it all. Or does she?

James Lepore rounds out this collection with Max. This story introduces us to Max French. He is late for the funeral of a good friend from childhood, Francis Lee. Life for Max changed shortly before he met Francis, and he had not seen him for twenty two years. Max's mother had been killed by his stepfather, and Max had repressed his memory, he could not tell if he dreamed the murder or had seen it. This is a formative part of Max's life, it is part of what makes him both a bit eccentric and dangerous. Lepore has written a character straight from the pages of life, and molded him with an unhealthy excitement for death.

This is an extremely character driven collection of stories, impressive with strong insight into the motivations that drive us all.

The Story Plant

James Lepore

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Ada: Legend of A Healer

Article first published as Book Review: Ada: Legend of a Healer by R.A. McDonald on Blogcritics.

Raised in the Foster Care system, Ada has pulled her last stunt. At fifteen, she is rebellious and tired of moving from place to place. Her caseworker has finally had to make a decision, they will contact her aunt Jessie O’Neil, if Jessie cannot take her, she will have to reside in the between house, a place for kids no longer able to be placed.

Jessie is not really her aunt, but her mother’s best friend; she has the healing touch and she has been on the run for as long as she can remember. Originally, when she learned about her healing abilities, she was free with healing, joining a program put together by Senator Harold Grimes. As time went on, the Senator wanted the healing only for himself. Escaping his facility, she has been on the run, and can only stay for short periods in any local. She refuses to stop healing, but must move quickly as the news spreads, bringing the Senator and his henchmen after her each time.

Jessie knows that Ada too has the healing touch. What she does not realize is that Ada is stronger, capable of healing the most chilling of conditions. However, Ada is also stubborn and does not find her healing to be a miracle, to her it is a curse. Treated with fear each time she would make a comment on another’s health, her youth was peppered by incidents of healing and disbelief. Considered a freak for as long as she remember, healing held no magic for her. As Ada follows Jessie from place to place, a young paraplegic approaches her. Choosing to try her healing on in an unthinkable fashion, surprise is in store. Her healing power is beyond that of other healers, and his body begins a restructuring process. Promptly, her skill comes to the attention of the Senator.

Now Jessie has disappeared and Ada is running for her freedom. Immediately thinking her mother can be of assistance, she begins searching for her. She has been missing since Ada was a baby, but Ada is able to find a trace in Paris, France. After reaching France, Ada finds group of teenagers that have found a unique way of traveling in the city. After watching them and trying to emulate their maneuvers, she becomes convinced this type of travel will help her stay clear of the Senator while she looks for her mother. Her life has taken an unexpected turn, she is in a strange place, with people she does not know, and yet she must find her way. Can she stay ahead of the Senator, or will he finally take her captive as he has many of those before her? Will her new friends make the difference?

In Ada: Legend of A Healer, R.A. McDonald has built a story around the mysterious healing abilities of a small group of people. Ada is a charming but stubborn rascal, with a good sense of humor, but she is also an angry young woman. Left on her own, she has had to deal with her abilities without direction. They are anathemas to her, and yet she cannot control her visions, or her seeing of others illness. Her anger sometimes gives way to kindness, the coldness melts and she uses her abilities to heal those she feels a connection to. The rebelliousness of her age and background determine her decisions.

Jessie is doing what she can to heal as many as she is able. Having Ada with her brings attention she does not need. However, Ada needs her. Jessie felt that leaving her a ward of the state was the only thing protecting Ada all these years. Her best friend and Ada’s mother disappeared years before leaving her to make tough decisions. She is feisty and gregarious, insistent on using her abilities even when they put her at risk. Sending Ada to find her mother and doing her best to stay in touch only makes that risk more palpable.

Ada: Legend of a Healer, is a wonderful story of coming of age. Ada deals with problems that others her age will never realize. She has found a way to deal with the issues and continue with her life. In Paris, she finds a new group of friends, those who will back her in any way they can. This is a charming story; the art in the book is beautiful and unique only adding to the reading experience.

I would recommend this book for the young reader in your home, but it is a delightful read for any age. It is thoughtful and well-written full of suspense and wonder, a great addition for any library.

Rating 5/5
Ada: Legend of A Healer

This Book was received from the Author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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Dead Man's Eye by Shaun Jeffrey

Article first published as Book Review:Dead Man's Eye by Shaun Jeffrey on Blogcritics.

After Joanna Raines cornea transplant, she begins to feel hope, the gift of vision from her donor was everything to her. Distortion still blocked her vision but she was continuing with her doctors recommendations, but her vision was still blurry and she was afraid of rejection. It seemed a miracle that she received the transplant after losing her own to Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy. What would she do if her transplant failed? Her fear drove her back to the doctor for a checkup.

As she waited for train, another man, Lincoln Parker, also waiting commiserated with her on the lateness of their particular train. She was having difficulty seeing, getting some halo effect as well as the blurriness. As the man got up and headed to the train, she began to get ready as well. As a stack of luggage fell over it created a chain reaction that caused the man, she had been sitting next to, to fall onto the tracks. As he tried to pull himself out of the way, the train hit him, severing his arm. Joanna’s view of the entire scene was surreal; she could see something shadowy seeping into the body, something dark and creepy, just before the man seemed to come alive again. Was it an effect of her vision, or did she really see something?

After getting confirmation from her doctor that she was doing well, and her eye was coming along fine, she ran into her boyfriend Stephen Cook, also a doctor. As she is speaking with him, they push the man from the train station by her, on a gurney. She again sees the shadow and quizzes Stephen as to what he sees. Stephen does understand, all he sees is a man that lost his arm. She is seeing something else, something dark and disturbing, and yet how can she tell anyone. Who will believe her?

As the shadow begins to take over the consciousness of Lincoln Parker, he becomes different. Is he still a man, or has he become something more, something dark and deadly, a shadow looking to inhabit the earth again? Can Joanna get someone to believe her before it is too late? Was the gift of the cornea, truly a miracle or was it something more?

In Dead Man’s Eye, Shaun Jeffrey has found an effective form of terror. He has found an effective outlet to create a way to see something that others do not. The story keeps you wondering. Does Joanna really see something, or is she really just adjusting to the new transplant? As people around her begin to die and the shadowing surrounds the newly dead, bringing them back to life, she finds that she is the only one who sees them. Her boyfriend Stephen wants to believe her, but when her friend dies, he turns her over to the police. Only then does he realize that she may truly know something. Can he get her to trust him again, to allow him to help her before it is too late?

This is a good scary story, different and unique. It is fast paced and interesting, with just enough horror to keep you reading, but with a wary eye, making sure the door are locked and the window closed. I really enjoyed the story, but I would have liked to know more about the characters prior to the actual events.

Shaun Jeffrey has put together in interesting scenario explaining the visions. The characters, even without the added depth, are well written, and as sometimes happens in times of great stress, extremely brave in a fool hardy way. If you enjoy spooky, creepy stories, you will enjoy this book. A must have for the spooky aficionado. Shaun Jeffrey is an author to keep an eye on.

Rated 4/5
Dead Man's Eye

This book was reveived as a free e-book from the author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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The Patirot Paradox by William Esmont

Article first published as Book Review:The Patriot Paradox by William Esmont on Blogcritics.

Drawn back into a world of espionage by the death of his brother Mike, Kurt Vetter is already suffering the loss of his wife and child, Kurt is doing his best to forget his prior life. A plea from his mother brings him back to the states, to just one more pain filled memory. The death of his only brother.

Following the funeral, Kurt receives a package from Mike; a package Kurt now knows caused his death. He is immediately aware that with his newfound knowledge gleaned from the package, he too is in danger. Mike leaves a request for to Kurt contact Amanda Carter in the case of his death and turn the information over to her. Mike copied the information, hoping to bring down the rogue faction of the CIA willing to start a war to get what they wanted. One-step ahead of the CIA, Kurt tracks down Amanda through the internet, and to London.

Amanda too is in intelligence and a good friend of Kurt’s brother. She grieves at his death; he had put himself on the line for her in the past and saved her life. His request for her help puts her in high gear. She takes the information to a friend to decipher, and she and Kurt try to stay ahead of their pursuers.

Immediately death begins to take a toll, the apartment of Amanda’s friend is incinerated, along with the information she gave him. However, she receives a summary of his findings, and understands the reason for Mike’s murder. Amanda and Kurt must track down the bomb and find a way to diffuse it before it is too late. Can they save a people and their way of life? How will they know who to trust when there are spies in the very heart of the U.S. CIA.

William Esmont has written a wonderful story of espionage and lingering distrust left from the end of the cold war. His characters are very human and extremely likable. In The Patriot Paradox, he has built a possibility of mammoth proportions. What would happen if a rogue group took it upon themselves to destroy a world power? Would they succeed?
Kurt is a great but unlikely hero, trying to bury himself in escape. His brother’s death brings him back to a reality he is not ready to face. His prior work with the CIA keeps him guessing just ahead of those that are now wanting him dead. He is somewhat of a klutz and yet he draws you in. With an edge of your seat suspense you can only standby and watch as he continues to escape the traps laid for him.

Amanda Carter is polished and knowledgeable, the opposite of Kurt in every way. She is secretive and beautiful, and he finds himself drawn to her. She is the strength of their unlikely partnership, looking for understanding of the mess they are in. Without backup, they are sitting ducks, unable to stay ahead of their nemesis. The CIA has the technology to find and follow them wherever they are, and it is an intricate game of cat and mouse, staying one-step ahead.

This is a great story by William Esmont, it is fast paced and gripping in areas. It is thought provoking and keeps you entertained. The characters blaze their way, and will be fun to follow in further works. If you like action and spy thrillers you will enjoy this rendition. Well Written, this book keeps you turning the pages. Once started I found it hard to put down.

Rating 4/5
The Patriot Paradox

This book was received as a free copy from the Author. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the information.
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Share Your Soul by Rachel Carrington

Posted first on The Romance Reviews.

Ms. Carrington writes a story that sucks you in from the very first sentence. The beginning is just the tip of how the story progresses, and yet it is intrinsic to the flow of the book. Often with such a marvelous buildup in the beginning, disappointment sets in as the story unfolds. However, it is not the case in this superb novella. From beginning to end you are rapt, engaged and impatient to know what happens next. I was intensely interested and read this in one sitting.

Olivia Channing has finally made a decision for revenge on the fifth anniversary of her death. When she meets the man who will help her, she is immediately intrigued. Following an age-old story of vengeance, Olivia believes she knows what she wants. She is not sure why she has not passed over, and there are some irritating things about being a ghost. Now that she has made a decision, she is sure life (death) will make more sense.
Olivia is a very angry ghost; she has realized that her murderer may never be brought to justice. It just does not sit right. She is ready to pull out all stops and break rules if she needs to. When she meets the facilitator of her plans, she is intrigued by his presence, and she struggles with remembering why she is concerned about vengeance.
Gabriel is a facilitator in many ways. He helps the flow of souls, and when one struggles as much as Olivia does, she cannot cross over. He is attracted to her from the beginning and yet he understands his place in the scheme of things. He has never felt the way he does now, and is unsure of direction. In all his time in his current position, he has never had to make a decision that went against everything he believed in, and yet he is conflicted. Will he make the right decision, putting his feelings aside?

The power of the charge between the two comes up time after time, leaving you affected with the blast of lust. So close and yet so far from realizing their coming together, Olivia still has no idea why Gabriel holds back. The heat is strong, and the characters are amazing. I was entranced throughout the story, hoping—just hoping—that it would work out for them.

In SHARE YOUR SOUL, Rachel Carrington has put together a thoughtful and sexy story, catching your soul as well, as you zip through this story. It holds you to the end, with a satisfying and well-told tale of love.

Rating 5/5

This e-book was received free from the author through The Romance Reviews. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Immortalis: Hunters and Prey by Katie Salidas

This Book was posted first on The Romance Reviews

In the vampire realm, humans are considered food, so what happens when the former best friend of a vampire, is the one that saves her from death? In this second installment, IMMORTALS: HUNTERS AND PREY, Katie Salidas turns the table on the very belief system of her vampire clan. Has she just signed a death warrant for her best friend? The real problem is, can she save her friend from her own blood lust? This is a well-written and gritty vampire tale peppered with not just your average vampire blood lust, but just plain lust.
In HUNTERS AND PREY, Alyssa conflicts with an old adversary, the most fearsome hunter of the Acta Sanctornum, Santino Vitale. Up until this very sighting, the vampire clan had thought him dead. The one thing that Santino holds most dear is the human life. Alyssa knows that he will not put humans at risk to kill a vampire. This leads her to one of her old human "watering holes" to seek protection. Forgetting that this would also put her into contact with human friends, those no longer a part of her new life as a vampire, she runs into her very best friend from before the change, Fallon. This is a complexity that can bring down the clan, and while there was a reason for her subterfuge, Lysander, her love and the vampire leader, will be angry.

His decision is to turn Fallon as well, in order to keep their secret. Since she is not reasonable about this, Alyssa becomes her champion, standing behind her and getting a commitment that her own clan would not kill her. When the new leader of Acta Sanctornum uses Fallon as a pawn to trap Alyssa, she finds that Quentin is even more evil than Santino. He has a twisted plan to build an army of mutant vampires. Santino is appalled because it puts humans at risk. He is willing to join sides with Lysander's clan to take Quentin to justice, but then all bets are off.

This is a dark and madcap story, full of unusual twists and turns. Because Alyssa is such a young vampire (newly turned), her blood lust is almost uncontrollable. She must feed more frequently to assuage her thirst, but to keep her strength as well. She is the mate of Lysander, the leader of the clan. Their relationship is fraught with emotion; Alyssa has control issues, but belongs to the controller. The one thing they have in common is a physical, lustful relationship. Just the richness of Lysander's voice can set Alyssa aflame. Imagine a simple touch. Everything becomes invisible when their lust ignites, their playful biting and actual feeding fan the flames, creating an inferno.

This is a story of vampires operating in and around our world, careful to maintain their privacy. Using only the most heinous criminals as feed, they are able to keep under the radar. Alyssa has changed that in one unthinking moment. Will they be able to continue as they have for thousands of years? In addition, can they collaborate with the enemy to stop a lunatic? The pace will keep you turning the page, until long after dark. Plan your reading time well.

Rating 4/5

Immortalis: Hunters and Prey

This book was received free from the Author. All opinions are my own based off my reading understanding of the material.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Haircut: A New Year's Tale

Posted First on The Romance Reviews.

Donna Callea has written an intriguing story. It is thoughtful and fun, but has a twist of evil and perversion, unexpected in the fairy tale like setting. The tale comes complete with a young princess and a New Year Angel. With such fable type characters, the evil seems darker in contrast. Does happily ever after truly exist in this tale, or as sometimes happens, can evil spread its oily presence, blotting out what is good and kind?

In an earlier era, countries across the world were at war and many small Eastern European Principalities simply ceased to exist, swallowed up by neighboring countries. Such was the case of the country where Princess Natasha (Tasha) was born. Losing her beloved parents at an early age, she was raised by her very cruel aunt and uncle, the Count and Countess. Her only friend was their son Gregori, a young cousin her age who often took the beatings with her. An older American finances them; his only requirement is they keep Tasha sheltered and never, ever cut her hair. He intends to marry her when she grows up.

With the help of her cousin Gregori, on the eve of her wedding, they make plans to seek out a barber. Because Harold's whole fantasy revolves around her hair, they decide to cut it off. The chosen barber is young and in awe of Tasha. Initially refusing to cut her hair in the style she asks, he finally gives in to her begging. She is determined and he is intrigued.

When she had Gregori drop her at her aunt and uncle's home, they are livid, horrified at what this simple haircut would mean to their way of life. She was beaten brutally and left lying where she fell, unable to move and barely able to breathe. Gregori found her and determined they would run away, but the only place he could think of was the barber that had shown her such kindness. Can he hide and protect Tasha from those that meant her harm?

Tasha is a kind and thoughtful young woman, trying to live life as she was dealt with. She believes in Misha, the Angel of New Years. He brings happiness to those in times of need. In order to have enough happiness, he requires stories of "Thorns to Feathers", looking for the joy that comes through from distress. She is constantly looking for the kindness and joy in everything, knowing that it is the only way her life will become as it should. This is when she first realizes that she is in love with Mike, her barber. Not just with Mike, but with his family as well, including his mother and his young daughter Molly.

Mike is beyond horrified by what he observed when Gregori delivers her to his home. She has very little semblance to the young woman from a few hours previous, but her goodness shows through. He is drawn to her, and yet feels guilt, feeling disloyal to his deceased wife Annie. As Tasha heals and the friction turns to heat, it is all he can do to keep to himself. He is concerned for her fate, what will happen when she is well?

THE HAIRCUT is a madcap story full of evil, but with a kind and generous angel, waiting for those that can find good in everything. Only then can he perpetuate and spread that happiness throughout the world. It is a fun and whimsical story about the life of a young princess and the family that takes her in. Twisted throughout this story is a dark and dangerous thread of evil. Will Misha prevail?..

Rating 4/5

The Haircut: A New Year's Tale

This book was received as a free download from the author through The Romance Reviews. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Cure for the Broken Hearted by Kenneth Rosenberg

Article first published as Book Review:No Cure for the Broken Hearted by Kenneth Rosenberg on Blogcritics.

I have heard it said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Life is not always, what you plan. Sometimes, what happens in your youth changes those plans in unexpected ways. Katherine Spencer had such an epiphany, meeting a young Nick Bancroft at just sixteen years of age, she finds herself wildly in love. However, when the wealthy young man returns home, she never hears from him again.

She becomes the best in her field, a young architect on the precipice of becoming extremely successful. However, how is it that just as her dreams are becoming reality, she is brought back to earth by a request from none other than Nick Bancroft. He is hoping to have her design his dream home. Initially she refuses; she does not do homes, only offices and company buildings. Nevertheless, when she has a run-in with Nick’s latest girlfriend, her disgust leads her to change her mind.

Being around Nick is a bit hurtful, he does not seem to realize that her feeling are still bruised after all this time. He feels as though they are friends and looks to her for guidance. It is incredible for her that he does not understand, but there are deeper issues at work.

As Nick’s life comes crashing around him, and he seeks the solution, can Katherine be the one to bring him home? In No Cure for the Broken Hearted, Kenneth Rosenberg has engendered characters that walk right off the pages. They are very human, with both weakness and strengths that are unique and yet just a twist away from those experienced by most people. They are very likable, with traits that you can relate to. In Nick, Rosenberg has given us a troubled youth and yet still a troubled man, not following his own dreams but those of his family. Can he become the man he wants to be before it is too late?

Katherine is a strong woman, and has grown up with a faint taint of bitterness, she has held herself back from feelings and thrown herself into her work. There is a catharsis in the drawing and designing, keeping that small feeling of bitterness at bay. Her friends worry about her, and would like to see her enjoying herself more. Until Nick contacts her for a home he wants built, she had not even realized that she still had feelings. As they come in contact, she finally realizes her feelings are just as deep, and have not faded away, as she had thought.

Nick is a very troubled young man. Very in love with Katherine in his youth, he has grown up and moved on. He has dated many of the great beauties of the land and is currently seeing one of them now. He is reasonably sure this is the woman for him, but when he is in close proximity to Katherine, he is no longer so sure.

This is a story about inner truth and strength, and yes romance as well. When life is more than what is expected and can twist even the smallest dreams, is there hope when it all crashes down? Sometimes even the brightest butterfly needs to escape and make its way. This is a story of that journey. Everything is not always what it seems.

This is a steady and well-written romance.The pace is a little slow, but smooth. It is about finding your strength and holding to who you are. Rosenberg has written a solid romance, with depth and thought. A great read for those looking for romance and just a bit of truth.

Rating 4/5
No Cure for the Broken Hearted

This book was received as a free e-book from the Author. all opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.