Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adopted Son by Dominic Peloso

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Rumors of aliens abound in most nations around the world. Is it possible for another race to exist among the stars, and if so have they really made themselves known to a select few.  With the advanced technology needed to keep them hidden and allow them space travel, have they really crashed on the surface, only to be hidden away from the civilian life?
In Adopted Son by Dominic Peloso, we are taken into a new future that is both concerning and disconcerting. When birth anomalies begin cropping up in the form of mutated babies, there is initially not too much concern outside the families.  The children are normal in most ways, yet their heads are larger, and their eyes are somewhat eerie, large and black located on the sides of their facial structure. Their body, too, is just a bit different, tall and thin, almost unable to hold the head that seems unnaturally large.
In the beginning the parents of these mutated babies are concerned, but as with all families, they accept the hand they have been dealt. They grow to love them, and hold the hope of a bright future. Yet as the mutations continue, and considerably more deformed babies are born, churches are finding themselves the recipient of many orphans.  As the problem grows, alienation is only a step away.
Can aliens from space be the cause of all this turmoil? These children and now adults are very similar to the pictures shared from Area 51 and Roswell sightings. The mutations are now more normal than not, and most families are no longer planning children. As war comes ever closer, a message from outer space comes over loud and clear.  The planet seems to be invaded from the inside.
Can this new group of Americans, which many feel a part of, prove they are part of this planet, or will the rogue aliens that demand war find a way to annihilate the human way of life?
If you enjoy science fiction you will find this very interesting. I am not sure how I felt; the story was certainly unique, yet all together very creepy. However, thorough it all, a thread of hope and peace levels the threat.  This is a new take on nurture vs. nature, with the alternative being the very destruction of the human gene.
This would be an interesting work for a reading group. The pros and cons of learning to trust a potential alien race would keep the conversation quite lively.
Rating 3/5
This book was received free from the authors publicist. All opinions are my own based on my reading and understanding of the material.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Line Up by Liad Shoham

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Crime is universal, and the subterfuge used to hide from the consequences of ones actions remains purposeful and often unique. Once in a while, well-meaning families looking for ways to rebuild their own sense of safety can obscure the actual villain.
In Line Up by Liad Shoham, we are taken into the streets of Tel Aviv where a brutal rape has occurred.  The detective in Charge, Eli Nahum, is ready to move forward, hoping to wrap up a case that could prove to be very high profile. When the father of the victim brings him a suspect, he feels as though the case will move forward with ease.  
Ziv Nevo seems to be the most likely suspect. He is near the scene and refuses to give a reason. Yet he knows he is not the rapist. He works for a notorious crime boss, and is now himself in danger, as he struggles to find a way to convince his boss he will not give him up for his own freedom.
When the rush to judgment causes the case to be thrown out, Eli Nahum loses his job, and Ziv is now on the run for his life. Released from jail he must take his family and hide. When another rape occurs, the police are eager to find him. Knowing he escaped judgment for his first crime, they are eager to make him pay for this second brutal rape.
Hiding from both the Mafia and the police with nowhere to turn, Ziv realizes his only choice is to find Eli Nahum and convince him of his innocence. He must do this without giving up the real reason for his presence in the area where the rape occurred. Can he get Nahum, by all accounts to be a great detective, to believe him? Will he be able to stay ahead of the mob connections as he tries to prove his innocence and save his family?
Shoham takes us into the heart of Tel Aviv with descriptions of locales and events that take you there. While the crime is brutal, he gives us the long reaching effect that can occur when things go wrong in an investigation.  The lives of the victims family has changed, the hopes and dreams of a police detective are crushed and a man finds his family in danger. To juggle all this and tell a fascinating story, with an outcome that seems unexpected, Liad Shoham has shown a great insight into the fallout of a crime that ensnares more than just the usual suspects.
IF you enjoy mysteries and danger this is a great book for your library. A strong choice for a reading group, they will find a great deal of information for discussion. The description of a county we often only read about takes you there, giving you a view of a place often shrouded in mystery.  This only adds to the interest and allure of the novel.
Rating 3/5
This book was received free from the publisher. All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tenderloin: Abby Kane Adventure #2 by Ty Hutchinson

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If you are looking for a gutsy female, a woman who is tough and gritty yet has the mothering instinct second to none, Abby Kane will reel you in.  In Tenderloin by Ty Hutchinson, an Abby Kane Thriller, his protagonist is back, but in a situation that pulls her totally out of her element.
When a DEA agent ends up dead in Bogota Columbia, FBI Agent Abby Kane is sent there to dig into the strange circumstances. Leaving her young family, she is torn.  Balancing the work, life balance is difficult enough, yet when you are in a job where every day is a life or death battle, she has to make considerations beyond that of many. She is not always the master of her decisions and when the order comes through, she does what she has to.
In Bogota she searches for answers to the terrifying deaths that are taking place. She is working with a tough group of men she doesn’t know, and yet has to trust with her life. When she uncovers a lab in the jungle where it appears some strange experiments have taken place, she begins to believe that one of the local drug cartels is involved. Crossing paths with one of the scientists, she must do everything in her power to keep him alive until they get to the bottom of the killings.

The locals don’t understand the nature of the killings, but they know there is only one man who can be behind them. He is known as The Monster.
Can Abby track down the killer before a more sinister use of this new drug changes the shape of the drug industry in ways unimagined.  How does she keep her family safe, when she does not understand the rules or the people she has been working with.
Abby is a strong and feisty woman, yet her family is her strength. They are everything she has, and she must maintain the balance necessary for them to keep their familial relationship. This is very difficult with her chosen profession, yet with the help of her mother-in-law, she preservers. Yet even that causes friction which often intrudes in her work activities. 
Abby is also sometimes a little too gullible for an agent, and yet she overcomes that trait when the going gets tough. If you enjoy action and suspense, buried in mysterious circumstances you will enjoy this work.  Hutchinson has given us a character that is likable and tough, yet has the flaws and insecurities of many working mothers. This is a fun and intriguing work, one that would be a great find for your reading enjoyment.
Rating 3/5
This book was received free from the Author, all opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.