Review Policy

Publishers and Authors that would like to request reviews or interviews for thrillers, romance, Scifi, Paranormal and various other venues please contact me at
If you have any other type of work you would like reviewed please email me and discuss. All opinions are my own and I will let you know if I will be reviewing your book. I will also make note below this review if I have received a copy of a book for free. Due to time, I will not be able to review every book I get but you will get fair and unbiased reviews based off 40+ years of reading.

Due to the time for reading and posting reviews your books may not see a review for 12-14 weeks. I will notify you when it is reviewed. I may not reply right away, many reviews come my way, and I want to see if I am able to fit them in. Please do not be discouraged if I do not reply right away. I am currently receiving a huge volume of requests and while I would love to review everything, I am having to be a bit more selective.
I try to do very in depth reviews and post to numerous sites, including Amazon, Blog Critics and The Romance Reviews. Often my reviews from Blog Critics are picked up by the Seattle PI. I can no longer reply to every request, but if I am able to fit you in I will let you know.
Due to the volume of books I receive, there are occasional times where a book may take a bit longer, please be patient. I have every intention of posting reviews that I have agreed too, but occasionally things come up, such as holidays, family emergencies, and yes even vacation. While hard copies are easy to take and read with me, I do not have a kindle so use my computer for any other venue, I do not always take it on vacation with me.

Thank you